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Originally Posted by EdWort View Post
I still can't get over what a great bunch of people in general in attendance. I mean, there were over a thousand homebrewers more beer than could be consumed and I did not witness a single a$$hole incident. Speaks to the quality of the crowd!
I hadn't even considered that, but you're right. This must be the largest gathering of drinkers without any jerks turning up.

The old saying is true: "Good people drink good beer."

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I almost forgot about this pic. Lorena and I, along with 13 other people, got stuck in the elevator on the way to ProBrewer's night.
We almost didn't get on the elevator because it was crowded but we thought what the heck! Apparently, the two of us, and maybe more correctly I, put that elevator over it's limit. We were stuck between the first and second floors. It was hot and very cozy to say the least. At first we had fun with it and everyone was great but it just started getting uncomfortable and finally they fixed what ever was wrong and we were off.


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Originally Posted by Bearcat Brewmeister View Post
+1. Friendly from the second you meet her - right off the bat cracking wise. Not more than 10 seconds after I show up, but she tells me that ohiobrewtus has an EF he wants to give me. Now that's a greeting one won't forget.

Now that I know she works in a hospital, I feel better about her qualifications to offer the entire Huntington, WV homebrew club a free vasectomy!!
Thanks for the kind words- it was very easy to be friendly to such a great group of people!

Oh, for the rest of you guys, did I mention that Mrs. Ohiobrewtus (brewinmama) and Mrs. MrFebtober (Brewwench) are incredibly young and gorgeous?????? I think that is really what brought the attention to our booth. And Mrs. OllllO is beautiful and charming. I was more the filthy mouthed old lady (I had actually forgotten about the WV vasectomies!) who promised beer to bystanders.

I met many brewers (my goal was to meet EVERY person there- I think I came close on Thursday, but fell short on Friday), and many mentioned that they knew who I was from HBT but they tended to not post much. One guy was in the hombrew club KGB (good beer at their booth, by the way!) and made me feel famous when he introduced me to his friends. Here's another picture of an HBT'er with me:

Robnog and me with one of his friends (Ryan, I think his name was):

The big dinner on Saturday night:

And me pouring a beer with Pseudochef:
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Ahh....rosy cheeks, before it all went south...

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It looks like you guys had a great time and I'm sorry I missed a chance to at least say hello and enjoy a beverage or two with you. I DID end up actually being in the area Friday night (Walton, KY) but in the end two factors prevented me from even attempting to set up any kind of meet.

#2, I had just driven 6 hours with my 4 year old who never shuts up. Even with his own DVD player. I mean I love him, but he NEVER shuts up. (Even when he sleeps he snores )

but #1, In all the planning of my roadtrip I realized that somehow my dad (in Walton) and I hadn't seen each other in 5 years. (Not by design, it just worked out that way) So I figured hanging at his house, catching up and spongeing room and food from him was better family time spent.

I keed, I keed. We all had a blast. I'm glad you guys did too. Some other time!

Good thing was while there, I tackled and subdued a sixer of Magic Hat Not Quite Pale Ale. I also captured and brought back as hostage bombers of Arrogant Bastard, Vertical Epic and Ommegang's Abbey Ale. The Magic Hat was great. Nice Apricot. The Ommegang I can BARELY get here. The Stone I can't get at all. Saving them for the perfect occasion.

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