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...My Junk is Ugly...
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Jan 2007
St. Louis, MO
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You know…the things you grab from your workshop or garage to help you every time you brew. Things that if you didn’t have….brewing would be more of a pain. The things you didn’t buy from your LHBS.

What are they…and what to you use them for?

For me:
  • Paint Strainers (5 & 10 Gallon) – Used to help filter out trub and crap when siphoning. Used as hop bag during boils. Dry hop bag.
  • Plastic Zip Ties – Used to fasten my paint strainers around my racking cane when siphoning out of the fermenter. Also used to fasten same bags to the dip tube inside the keg for dry hopping.
  • Milk Crates – Great support base for burner. Great Carboy drainer. Two of them stacked upside down makes a nice little table. And they hold 25 bottles of beer perfectly.
  • Clothes Line Clip – Used on my racking cane to suspend the tip just above the trub at the bottom of the fermenter.

I'm sure there are more...but these are some key items for me.

So what are your “secret weapons”? Do share…

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Mar 2007
The Middle of NJ
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My cordless drill!

Green Lane Brewing

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Half-fast Prattlarian
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Jan 2008
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- Coordless drill

- Mud Mixer (for doughing in)

- Paint strainer bags

- DigiTherms

- Milk Crates (great for storing bottles too)

- Pie tins ( I tend to like them more than my return manifold) or Plastic Steamer tray (same use, came in a box of Steam Fresh Veggies)

- Zip Ties (used to adjust and maintain drill speed when milling grain)

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Mar 2008
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aside from a screwdriver to tighten hose clamps. sometimes a small dvd player or something to watch while im mashing / sparging since I dont have a tv near the area where I brew. for people that use NG/LPG maybe a fire extinguisher just in case. spray bottles for sanitizer. rubber gloves for putting my hands in sanitizer and welding gloves for picking up hot things.

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Apr 2008
Lancaster, PA
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1) Sirius/MP3/Speakers - I brew in the garage so I have a set of fancy computer speakers (with subwoofer) at my brew table. I can hook my Sirius (usually 23 Hair Nation, 97 Reggae, or 29 Punk) or MP3 player into them. At least until I get a TV down there, lol.

2) Spray bottle - filled with no-rinse sanitizer. I pretty much clip it to my belt and spray everything.

3) Vodka - for filling airlocks (and a shot here or there if things go badly)

4) Utility knife - for just about everything

5) Tupperware - for sealing up unused grain.

6) Red PVC-coated work gloves... Water and (limited) heat proof

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May 2007
Cary, NC
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I use my kitchen collander as a strainer when I pour the wort from the kettle into the bucket fermenter.

I float one of my kid's plastic plates on top of the mash and pour vorlaufed wort on top of it. This prevents the recirculated wort from tunneling into the grain bed.

For taking hydrometer readings, I pour the hot sample into a 9" metal pie tin and swirl it around. It cools the wort down very quickly.

Of course, I use my drill to power the Barley Crusher.

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Oct 2005
Sunny Southern Vermont
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-Desktop PC
-Braun Hand mixer
-Digital Thermometer

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Mar 2007
Tri-Cities, WA
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Originally Posted by BierMuncher View Post
  • Milk Crates – Great support base for burner. Great Carboy drainer. Two of them stacked upside down makes a nice little table. And they hold 25 bottles of beer perfectly.
I use Milk Crates for lots of stuff but I never thought about putting bottles in them. Seems like a great stackable idea.

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May 2008
Victoria BC, Canada
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-Sanitized Leatherman Charge XTi

-Plastic Spring clamp for holding the racking cane. I rotate the pads so I get a "V", which holds it perfectly

-Spray bottle with iodophor
-Spray bottle with water, to defend against boilover
-Stainless Steel 2pc Canning Funnel

-Dish Towels. I always use clean dish towels to put my sanitized equipment down on.
-Turkey baster & 6" of 3/8 hose. For wort samples.

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Oct 2007
somewhere west of Boston Harba'
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Originally Posted by Glibbidy View Post
-Braun Hand mixer
hmm... do you use it to areate?

Kitchen items:
Ziploc bags to keep/sort out small brewing itmes like stoppers
You are looking at the hole in the doughnut and not the doughnut itself.
You primates are so predictable.

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