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Jun 2008
Sydney Australia
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Well I have been brewing for over 30 years starting with malting barley on a barbeque result? Drinkable but to much work.

Since that like many I have tried recipe's of all known ale types including some of my own invention. I do love the stuff. I am 65 and can sink one with the pro's.

Well getting to the point of this post. I have brewed all types of kits some costing almost as much as a slab. Conclusion its not the make just a couple of simple rules. And I will convey my simple no brainer method that works.

1. I use a 40ltr brew container Reason it allows the fermentation foam to stay on top not be pushed down into the wort. Remeber there can be a slightly positive pressure from the CO2.
I live in Australia and the temperature can accelerate the process.

2. I sanitise the brew container as I would a baby's bottle. I do believe that the use of a brush in the bottle is important to remove any deposits on the inside. Hygiene is paramount.

Any cheap kit. No supermarket manufactures beer wort so it is the real stuff from a brewery. So the beer you pay big bucks for is what you get in those cheap kits. Most people cannot hold filtered homoginised beer at very low temperatures under preasure for a month so we make beer with the same attributes as a good wine.

3. Follow the instructions No Brainer stuff Important Do Not Spill The Wort it makes a sticky mess and the wife will kill you and forbid your use of the stove. Lots of sucking up is then required.

4. Use your tropical fish heater (Poor cold fish) Clean it first though, Stops the brew dropping in temperature to low. I have always found that high temperatures just ferments faster. Remember I said I live in Australia and I have beer brewing in the high 30's c that is.

5. Do not go near the ferment for at least a week and a half. Nothing will stop those sugar hungry yeast cultures.

6. Wash and sterilise the bottles think of that early morning feed when you wish it could be easier. This is the last chance of ruining a brew.

7. I always draw off half a glass and try the result. If it is off then just sigh and discard. In all my brewing history only one brew was not up to par. No reason deduced.

8. Bottle and leave for a month. I know and have drank beer within a week but the best beer I have ever tasted was from a cheap kit and at 2 1/2 years the caps were starting to show surface rust.

I store about 200 bottles and rotate the type of beer I make I tend to stick with about 4 types Stout Dark Ale Draught and Lager

In conclusion brewing beer is so easy and so satisfying as long as hygene is paramount the result is great.

I have just finished a bottle of Farmland Draught which actually is like a Lager very drinkable, sweeter than most draughts.

My problem is that when friends come they drink my brew and leave their commercial versions at least that is good for Batter, Snailsand the wife's cooking, no good to drink.

If you do not try to be too smart and recipe your self out of making a good beer give it away or go back to the simple way of really making a good beer.

Terry (A Guy From Oz)

One thing use Dextrose instead of sugar

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*scratches head*
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He's just laying down some truth for the noob brewers. Amen brother.
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It was confusing at first (must be the farmhouse ale) but there's some darn good advice here!

Good On You Terry and welcome!!!!!

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Jun 2008
Sydney Australia
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Farmland is a Coles Supermarket brand under $10aud Dectrose $2.50 cheap for 30 750ml bottles.

I am most interested in reading the "Experts" views. One thing I forgot to mention I always decant the beer into a chilled jug, even though there is only a couple of ml's of sediment I believe that detracts from the appearance of a sparkling clear glass of ale.

I guess I am lazy, best result for least effort.


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