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Apr 2008
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hey guys i just finished my first all grain and loved it but my friends all think its to bitter. one even said it tasted like a tree. Is there a recipe for a "lite" beer like a dudweiser or something that i can make just to keep the friends happy?

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Oct 2007
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Check out Biermunchers "Centennial Blonde". I hear it's a real crowd pleaser.

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If you really want to make something that tastes like Bud, you need to be able to lager. Even if you can do that, american light lager is a very difficult style to do well. You're better off buying a 30pack of Bud. If you want a good beer that is on the lighter, easier drinking side check out the recipe database for a cream ale or something like this or this
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Have to say it...

Get better friends.
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Dec 2007
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Yea, i am gonna have to say screw the friends on this one. I started brewing because i like good and unique beers, not because i was trying to impress my friends.
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Mar 2007
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Pick up a can of Cooper's Lager and simply dissolve the syrup in the can with 2 pounds of corn sugar. Sprinkle the dry yeast on top, stir and ferment.

You can make 6 gallons of decent BMC clone in 10 minutes. Why struggle to make a lite beer using all grain? Make fantastic beers using all grain and make a Cooper's kit for the friends. Don't buy any other brand of canned kit. Cooper's is the only canned kit manufacturer that is an actual brewery.

The Cooper's kits turn out well when you need a batch in a hurry to feed your friends so they won't have to "choke down" the most wonderful IPA you have ever tasted.


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Apr 2008
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This recipe looks pretty close to BMC except for the lagering. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthre...t=66503&page=3

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Old 06-18-2008, 10:59 AM   #8
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Nov 2007
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When I started brewing, I made IPA's and APA's because that is what I love to drink. My friends all did the BMC train, exclusively. So I tried about 3 batches of really good ale's that were quite light and refreshing, and very delicious, but every time I get the "it almost tastes like Miller Lite... keeping working on it".

So now I am back to APA's and IPA's and I am a MUCH happier brewer because all the beer I make, I (I can't emphasize the "I" anymore) like.

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Sir Humpsalot
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Nov 2006
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So let me get this straight. For the sake of your friends, you are going to attempt to brew crappy beer?

Jeez, don't you have anything better to do with your time than brew crappy beer?

Here I am, wishing I had time to brew all the GOOD beer that I want to brew.. and there you are with time to actually devote to brewing something that you don't even want to drink. Must be nice. Color me jealous.
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For the love of beer!
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It's cheaper (probably) just to go buy a case of beer.
I'd say it really is not worth the effort to brew uninteresting tasteless beer.

Give them a choice, good HB or poor store bought. You are not the poor uneducated soul.
Have a beer on me.

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