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Old 06-17-2008, 06:56 PM   #11
Kwanesum Chinook Illahee
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Oct 2007
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They've actually been advertising in BYO and other mags for a few years under the radar. HeresToBeer.com is run/owned by AB.

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Dec 2007
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I think the "Great American Lager" campaign is to get you ready for the "Bud American Ale" campaign coming this fall. Also if I drink a BMC it is an AB product or something they distribute - when I can't find something more interesting that is!

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I'd take their money. The Great American Lager brewed by a Belgian company!

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May 2007
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The BMC companies spend a lot of money lobbying lawmakers to keep alcohol taxes low, fight sales restrictions, and generally keep the neoprohibitionists and anti-alcohol religeous conservatives at bay. Do you think Dog Fish Head or Russian River has that kind of clout? Nope. I won't drink BMC beer, but I'm glad they are there and I don't mind looking at their ads.

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I can totally understand being surprised (I would be too), but magazine profits are based on advertising revenue, not subscription rates. If I was responsible for selling ad space at BYO I would want Bud as a sponsor, they can pay more for premium ad placement and if they get a good response from running the ad they are likely to pay for longer term placement as well.
And now we go AG!

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I think it was a poor choice to advertise Bud in BYO as most of those customers are not Bud customers but why wouldn't BYO take the money.

However I do enjoy AB commercials. They are usually the best ones to watch during football season which is the only time I will sit through a commercial.


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Jan 2008
dallas, tx
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Originally Posted by Beerrific View Post
Maybe they want to support homebrewers and the beer industry?

They do more than brew bud/bud light. They are part owners of Red Hook. They own distributors that distribute micro/craft brews.
I agree. Their distribution network only helps craft beers that manage to get into it. Also, I believe the ad said something along the lines of "when you're going to drink an american lager make it bud..." or something like that. They're not saying only drink Bud. They are actually recognizing that readers don't usually drink light beer, and saying, when you do...drink ours. Nothing wrong with that.

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Old 06-17-2008, 08:41 PM   #18
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Sep 2007
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Originally Posted by Beerrific View Post
Maybe they want to support homebrewers and the beer industry?
Hey, maybe they will release their massive excess of panic bought Czech Hops for sale to craftbrewers!

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Jan 2008
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But Coors owns Blue Moon.

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Half-fast Prattlarian
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What difference does it make who advertises in the pages? Do you read BYO for the ad's? Will you stop reading because Budweiser has leaked through?

The real quaestion here is why haven't I gotten my copy yet?

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