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This past saturday I was working all day for harpoon's annual brewery to brewery bike ride. Over 800 experienced riders pedaled 147 miles from Boston to Windsor, VT. My job in the afternoon was unloading all of the bikes and setting them up on the racks so that when the bikers were driven back from VT they could get their bikes and go. Now I was handling some bikes worth anywhere from 4-15grand! As I was thinkin about all of this it hit me that I want to be moving into Boston over the next 6mo to cut down on my commute. I also think if I get a place decently close to the brewery, I might want to just sell my vehicle and bike to work.

Here comes the problem with that line of logic. I havent ridden a bike for more than 10 minutes in like 6 or 7 years. How would I even get into road or mountain biking?

Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by GloHoppa View Post
How would I even get into road or mountain biking?

Any suggestions?
Buy a bike.

Seriously, if you start biking to work, it will be rough at first, but you should adapt to the workload quickly--provided you're not too out of shape.
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Before this past February I hadn't been on a bike in probably 10-15 years. I've been riding in to work at least 4 days a week the past 2 months. That's an 16 mile round trip ride for me. SWMBO and I went for a 25 mile ride yesterday. I think you just need to get on and go. You never forget how to do it, it just may not be pretty at first.

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Buy a bike and ride it. Serious. Its not something you need pratice with. Its cardio, you can sustain tempo's longer with the more time under your belt.
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If you are going to do it .. do it right!! made in wonderful Somerville MA.

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only one way to get better on a bike, ride one. In a former life I rode 150 - 200 miles a week. You don't have to ride fast, and not sure how long your commute is, but I am sure that you will get there just fine. You can build miles on your legs in no time. IMHO, the best method of exercising out there.
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Glibbidy's pretty hardcore into biking, I'm sure he'll chime in at some point. I've thought about getting into biking again, I still regret selling my good bike so I could buy a bass amp . I'm pretty desperately out of shape, and there are lots of good trails and roads to ride around here.
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I'm not "serious" I suppose, but I ride to work and back most days...and we've got some great mountain biking trails around here I hit once in while. However, since gas has been going up, I've been riding a lot more. If you're wanting to get into mountain and road biking, I'd suggest hitting the road first to get up your strength. Mountain biking is way more fun for me once I've been hitting the streets pretty regular. Otherwise, it is torture on the quads!

If you're looking for a good starter bike that won't break the bank, check out the commuter-type bikes. They are more comfortable than a normal road bike, but much faster than a mtn bike. This is one I've got my eye on, and it's less than $1k:

Trek SoHo 3.0

This one is nice too; Speicalized Sirrus

EDIT: i'd also recommend the following bike from Bianchi: Castro Valley. A coworker has this with a rack and panniers's a smooth riding FAST bike. Took it for a spin and was amazed at the ride quality!

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Mar 2008
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The first thing to do before buying a bike is decide what style of riding your going to do, a ATB if good for offroad but very inefficient and uncomfortable on the road and a road or track bike is next to useless in the woods, you might want a cyclocross type bike if you want something for a little of each.
I doubt you'll find them in any large cities but around where I live there are a lot of shortcuts through the woods so it pays to have a hybrid bike.

You should also remember that a expensive bike doesn't make a good rider start out with something basic and cheaper certainly less than a grand.
getting a bike that fits you and your riding style is important but everyone has a different idea of how to calculate whats right for you, ultimately its whatever you feel the most comfortable with.
This site has a lot of good bike info

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Fit is everything with getting a good bike. If a bike is not for your body type or setup for it, you will be miserable. Go to a good bike shop, explain to them what you want out of the bike and let them fit you on a roller. If they are not willing to do than find another shop. Any bike under about 1,500 are about the same, so brands are not that big of a deal. After that just get a nice pair of bike shorts and ride ride ride. Your ass will hurt like hell for a few weeks, then you will get used to it. Also don't think that a bigger seat will help your butt, in most cases it will make it worse.

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