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Mar 2008
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I just flipped on the tube and caught some the show Verminator in progress, it's about a company and some of the crazy **** they find in peoples homes. As I started watching they are in some guys home that he must have abandoned, and as they are checking out his house they say "this guy used to be a high school ball player (looking at some old pictures of his) and obviously he had a drinking problem" right as they pan to 8 or 9 empty six packs of bottles on the floor. Then as they pan to the kitchen area you see a turkey fryer setup, and on the counter is a bottle capper! The dude was a homebrewer!!!! but instead they make the poor guy out to be a ****ing drunk. OK he might have been a drunk too, but this guy just got thrown under the bus on national TV because he was a homebrewer.

Makes me wonder how people would view our basements, brewing setups, etc, if we were not around.
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yeah, i've got big balls

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Its people being their typical judgemental selves. I try not to give a $hit about the opinion of strangers for this reason. When it comes to drinking, they're taking the typical American view that drinking is to be looked down on...

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They shouldn't come into my kitchen, the entire counter is covered with bottles. But I don't have a drinking problem, I have a bottling problem! I HATE bottling and thought setting up all of the bottles would motivate me to tackle the mead & hop wine. Didn't happen.
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THen the cops bust in and arrest him for making moonshine.

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Mar 2008
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I would how good that "sour" that they pulled from on top of his fridge would be
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I'd have asked for a sample... losers.
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