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Jun 2008
Austin, TX
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I've got a couple of extract brews under my belt and I'm considering taking the plunge to AG. The biggest roadblock for me is my living situation. I live in an apartment. No garage, no yard, no propane burners on the balcony. I have a standard cheap stove. I have a 6g stock pot and when I do 2.5g boils, I can get the water to 200 degrees, but only after having the burner on high for 20-30 minutes.

Is AG possible for me or do I need to hold off until I have an outdoor/garage space?


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Jan 2008
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It is absolutly possible! You will need a bigger brewpot and other assorted equipment. Check out Flyguy's thread on improved stovetop boiling.

I am in the same situation as you and only have 2 all grains under my belt but the one that is finished tastes wonderfull. Good luck and .

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Oct 2006
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Hell yeah you can brew AG in a condo/apartment. Brewtopia does it all the time in a 400 sq ft. condo. On your stove is it possible to get a larger pot and set it up in a way that two burners are heating the pot at the same time? From what I remember Brewtopia does two 2.5 gallon boils and combines them.
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Jun 2007
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I've done two smaller pots and combined them too. its not that big of a hassle, though I suggest you get two IDENTICAL pots. mine are the same capacity, but have differences in diameter, bottom thickness, and one of them is some kind of aluminum alloy.

this causes the pots to heat at different rates, and it'd be nicer if they were synch'd up.

otherwise, yeah, I have done two 3 gallon boils at the same time. I run off my initial mash equally to each pot, and then again with the sparge, so that both pots are roughly identical I get identical utilization by splitting my hops between the two pots.

and then a double sink for two ice/water baths to cool down. combine in bucket, pitch...BEER!
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I did my first AG batch inside on my electric stove. It took a while to get it to boil and I ended up scorching my stove top a bit. I would recommend doing smaller batches and/or splitting up the boil in two pots.
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Apr 2008
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no propane or no BBQ grill at all on the balcony? You could always use charcoal.

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Feb 2006
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Another thing to consider is doing partial mash brewing. It takes up much less room and you will be boiling smaller volumes on the stove.
Here's a long thread about it. See what you think!

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Jun 2007
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Look at this and this too.

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Aug 2006
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I brew regularly in my apartment. If you can fit a cooler in your apartment, you can go all grain.

If you have a gas stove, you're in great shape. If you have an electric stove, splitting your wort into 2+ pots isn't a bad idea.

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Jun 2006
South River, NJ
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I do it now in my apartment. The only addition I had to make from my extract setup was a 6 gallon mash tun cooler. I'm currently using a 4 gallon enamel brew pot too! I have a gas stove and use both front and rear burners to fire it up. I keep a pretty stiff mash, 1qt/lbs. I pull the first runnings out of the mash tun, do a 3/4 (total volume) sparge, and start boiling with that. I'll start the last 1/4 sparge in the mean time while the wort boils down. After I've gotten past boil over phase I top up the pot with the last sparge addition. I'll need a new pot to get to a full boil. One other addition you may want to make is an oxygen setup. I suggest getting those little O2 bottles from home depot, the reverse thread valve, some hose, a racking cane, and a 2 micron stone. I used that on my last batch... its a beast!
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