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Throw some tequila in there!

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Put some pepper in there. That should even it out.

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+ 1 on save it for cooking, especially marinade or brine.
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Actually, saving it for cooking and making something really tasty out of it would be a funny way of thumbing your nose at your swmbo's "revenge"
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Sir Humpsalot
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Originally Posted by c.n.budz View Post
swmbo's "revenge"
The beer now has been named!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by McKBrew View Post
Dude, unless you got caught tapping her sister I can't see what reason she could have to mess with your beer. Although it would have been amusing on our end when you posted in a few weeks trying to have us diagnose the salty flavor in your beer.
Originally Posted by Craig311 View Post
Ok. Let's just say that what I did to deserve this had a lot to do with me drinking. Hence the ruined beer... She really isn't that mean.
Ahha! so you got drunk and tapped her sister.

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Another vote here for using it to cook with, and telling us the story on how you tapped that ass.
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distill it, the salt would be left behind after the alcohol and water evaporate

probably would loose some other flavors but would be a cool experiment if you had access to the equipment :P


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Originally Posted by Boerderij Kabouter View Post

"don't dump it unless it tastes like satan's anus"
I'm at a loss, and I know I shouldn't even ask, but... what exactly is that flavor?

I guess it's probably the burning ring of fire!
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another vote for saving it for cooking and for the rest of the story!

As has been said before, if you bottle, you probably wont be able to carb, but what does that matter if your just cooking with it?

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