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For the record... SWMBO and I are just fine these days. It was truly a weekend of poor judgement by me and overreaction by her. Since it directly involved my beer, it ended up here. We are very much happily married with a 1 year old daughter and a baby boy on the way.

Probably more info than anyone wanted or needed to know. Just got the impression that this thread, now a couple of years old, might lead some to believe my marriage is a complete dumpster fire or something. Thankfully, not the case.

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So....about the boob pics?
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An awesome brine solution for making washed cheese.
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I'm really late on this thread, but I have some friends that like to make "beeritas." 1/2 beer and 1/2 margarita with extra tequila. They're better than I thought they would be, and a natural for salty beer.

In regards to why she did this, if that's what she did for you ignoring her, what did she do after you tapped her sister?

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Craig. Congrats on the babies. And FWIW, women (and men) are known for going after what the other loves in an arguement and in our case that's beer. All's fair in love and war. And I can't honestly say I've never done anything "over the top" in an arguement. My SWMBO and I don't fight or argue much, but when we do I could totally see my SWMBO doin that, and our marriage is really good!
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Originally Posted by Craig311 View Post
from swmbo....
He's trying his best to not put all the blame on me...but as a swmbo, it was quite the sweet revenge and you all better be careful because I'd recommend this type of sabotage to any home brewers wives or girlfriends. I'll let you know that this weekend would commemorate the week where that particular brew would have been finished and he has brought it to my attention how sweet it would be to be sipping a fine home brewed ale right now but...I will have the last laugh in that!!!
Just a heads up to any SWMBO you reccomend this too, that kind of malicious BS would quickly turn mine into a ex-swmbo, childish hateful actions arent tolerated by me or my swmbo (in other words she'd boot me if roles were reversed)

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Nov 2011
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I tried this...

Real Ale Coopers kit
1kg BE2
500g DME
23L total.

First I collected 19L of RO water. Into which I placed a chunk of Himalaya Pink Rock salt size approx 50mm wide x 30mm tall x 40mm deep. A sizeable chuck. Within a few hours it had dissolved completely.

Then brewed as normal, 2 weeks in primary, then 6 weeks in secondary.

This was back in June....Im still drinking this stuff right now....It carbonated quite well, with awesome head and that unmistakable salty taste

At first it was a bit overbearing....but I must admit, the salt really does balance off the bitterness of the Real Ale...

I've also found, if you eat deep fried snacks with the beer, it works really well.

I wouldnt do it again, but I've just put down a International Lager with a 1/4 of the salt I used previously.

I'll post back soon.

Himalaya rock salt is millions of years old (primordial oceans)....

I wouldnt try it with processed mineral NaCl....that stuff will kill ya.

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Nov 2011
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Mildly salty lager has come up awesome. Had the last bottle of salt real ale...absolutely amazing...the bitterness is matched off by the saltiness to create a great drop...took six months of storage to get there though...

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Originally Posted by Chriso View Post
Haha, I've heard about this alleged make-up sex but I must have chosen a SWMBO who doesn't have that feature installed.
That is classic!! I've got one of those models as well. I've tried the software upgrade but her operating system rejects it every time.

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