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Dec 2007
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A question to any plumbers here on the forum...

I live in an old (~100 yr.) farm house that I am restoring with my wife into our dream house. I am very interested in redoing the plumbing with pex tubing instead of the traditional copper. So far I haven't found anything saying they are garbage, but wanted to ask here.

I heard that the technology previously had problems with connections breaking loose and causing water to spray everywhere in your walls, but that problem has (apparently) been fixed.

I would be interested in any of your thoughts. Or maybe good suppliers if you know of any.


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Oct 2006
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Have PEX running all through my house. No problems here.

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Nov 2007
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I remodeled our old one car garage into a guest cottage and the plumber I hired used pex throughout. No issues. Apparently it is also somewhat more resistant to freeze bursting, but I'm no expert. That's just what he told me.

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Oct 2007
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Many builders here have switched over to PEX for obvious reasons. Get it before the prices go up as a result of increased demand.
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PM Sent.

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No idea, but first step would be to see if it's allowed by code.
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Old 06-09-2008, 07:05 PM   #7
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My brother is a plumber and it's all his company will use in new construction (they don't do service or renovation).
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Old 06-09-2008, 07:58 PM   #8
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I plumbed my whole house with it. The previous plumbing was CPVC. Yuck. I can tell you especially in an old home, that PEX is a HUGE time saver because you can snake it very well and the bend radius isn't too bad. The crimping tool is around $125 clams and you need one for each size PEX. A PEX connection is leak free if you do it right. Plus you don't have joint corrosion issues/or the dielectric effect which is nice. The manifold is a little pricey, but the big advantage is you can isolate appliances so that if something goes on the fritz it doesn't disrupt your whole house service. I really like it.
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May 2008
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I wanna see pics of your farmhouse renovation. I'm in one myself!

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Great stuff! My new garage was built with PEX and I've added to it. The connectors are a bit pricey, but you don't need as many because it comes in long rolls.
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