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Before I had a chiller, I used to buy the more expensive alhambra ice from bevmo. Never had a contamination problem with that.

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I've used homemade ice with good effect. Either boil the water and freeze it the day before, or use water straight from a sealed water jug. Either way, santize the container you freeze it in.

Also, break up the ice before you add it to the kettle. 1 pound of crushed ice cools a lot quicker than a 1 pound block that floats around for 20 min before it melts all the way.

But do yourself a favor and go either the No-Chill route, or get a good immersion chiller and a submersible pump. Both ways are superior to using ice baths, imho.

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I just finished my fouth batch and feel cooling the wort is the biggest hassle. I was thinking next time boil up 2 or 2.5 gallons of water, throw the whole pot in the freezer and on brew day put the block in the fermentator and siphon out the hot wort onto the block of ice. I think the slow siphon would make things cool quicker than simply dumping the pot onto the ice block.

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I have brewed two batches thus far...knew from get go I was not the ice bath type nor want to spend money on copper tubing, guy on here said he tosses in store bought ice...though many would warn against this, he has had no contaminated batches! My first batch I gave in and started risky from start, tossed in 20lbs of store bought ice...immediately cooled to 65deg's!! I know risky BUT it worked. 2nd batch I just boiled water and poured into star san covered tupperware from dollar store. Took 5 small containers (maybe 2-3cups in each) of the ice to chill 2nd batch to 78deg immediately. I still think that the water really doesn't need different putting tap water into container treated w/ star san to freeze than it is just to add tap water directly to wort to top off! This will be my method from here on.

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I've taken similar risks and things have turned out great for me. My wife gets medication sent to the house and each time the meds come with frozen ice packets. I fill up my sink with freezing cold water, add store bought ice to the sink water, and then add a few of the ice packets. I then sanitize four or five ice packets and drop those into my wort. I've been able to cool it to 80 degrees the last two times. Very easy process.

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All of my extract batches are cooled by putting two 5 lb. bags of ice into the fermentor. After the boil I pour the hot wort into the fermentor over the ice. I then top off to 5.25 gallons with cold water. I brings the wort down to pitching temp almost instantly. I have done several batches this way without issue. I'm sure that many will say that you could introduce some type of bacteria or raise a sanitation issue, but the truth is...that could happen anywhere in the normal process. a spoon...a finger...a lid. So don't worry about it. Just maintain a well sanitized environment in your brew space and everything should be fine.

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