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May 2008
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With Father's Day coming up, does it apply here??? Or does he/she only celebrate Mother's Day?

The pregnant belly hair is kind of disturbing.
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It's amazing such a freak show gets press like this. It's not fair to the child.

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Dr Vorlauf
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Had to bring back this thread. He/She gave birth :

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Originally Posted by chefmike View Post
Dr. Vorlauf.... you are a scary, scary man. Kimchee?!!

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Originally Posted by Arneba28 View Post
Lets home for that child that in 10, 12,15 years that everyone forgets about this store and that everyone is comfortable enough with this that this kid is not rideculed till she kills herself.
Originally Posted by EdWort View Post
It's amazing such a freak show gets press like this. It's not fair to the child.
Actually it's the child's Dad/Mom that is driving this. I expect it's the 'social pioneer' mentality that he/she is going for. Paving the way for others as it were. I think it will be well blown over before the child is old enough to be seriously impacted provided her parents don't keep flaunting the issue.

Personally I don't have a problem with a man wanting to be a woman or vice versa. The desire to reproduce is something common to both sexes so this isn't really that out of line. What's strange is a person wanting to be a man yet wanting to carry a child. Why didn't he just impregnate his wife?

Does this person remind anyone of that guy in the wheelchair in Scary Movie? "Baby? I can do it myself! I don't need anyone's help!" Sure gives new meaning to the term, 'Go f**k yourself.'
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Still Love Fried Chicken
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I expect it's the 'social pioneer' mentality
That, or the "I want my fifteen minutes, even if it's Jerry Springeresque fame" mentality.

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Lil' Sparky
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The birth, at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon, was natural, according to a source, who added that reports that Beatie had had a Caesarean section are false.
WTF? I know I'm naive about wacky crap like this, but doesn't a sex change operation involve changing your sex organs? If so, then how could the delivery be natural? I guess maybe she just cut her tits out, took some hormones, and said "I'm a man now"?
Originally Posted by duffman2 View Post
I dub this beer the Double Slutty Triple Nutty Bodacious Booty Brunette!

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Interesting point about the hormones, but there is absolutely no way an egg would have ripened if (s)he was on male hormones.
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Not only that, but being she really is a female why are they allowing us to see her tits and the scars under them...?

Color me straight and confused...
HB Bill

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Yeah, this guy/girl has really messed up some kid. thats for sure.

this isnt the first thread on the subject in the forum me thinks
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