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Hi there,

Today I came across a neat method of reducing boil-overs when batch sparging. I'm using a 5gal cooler as mash-tun and a 30qt turkey fryer pot as boil kettle. Needless to say that I needed to watch boil-overs very closely.

But today I didn't. I ran the first sparge and collected ~3 gal into the kettle. While the mash was resting for the 2nd sparge, I brought the run-off in the kettle to a boil and it was foaming heavily. But there was enough head-room left and after a while the proteins that cause the foam-over coagulated (hot-break) and the heaving foaming subsided. Then I ran the 2nd sparge, got to about 4.5 gal in the kettle and brought it to a boil again. Now it didn't foam so badly since less uncoagulated protein was in the kettle. The 3rd time around, when I had the final 6 gal in the kettle, there was not much head room and not much foaming either.

This definitely helps me to relax at the beginning of the main boil, especially with my 30qt pot.


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Yeah, boilovers suck. I've had them using my converted keg! But, that's because I was not backing off the heat at the start of the boil.

Another thing you may or may not have tried is spraying some water into the kettle when the boilover begins. You'll have to do this a few times, but it'll keep it from going over. Of course you've got little room to play with, so it might not be as effective.
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boo boo
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I skim off the protien that forms at the surface of the wort as it comes to a boil. This way gets most of the protien out and prevents boilovers. Hot break occurs faster and I can let boil for a few minutes before adding my bittering hops. I usually let it boil for 10 minutes before adding hops and begining my boil timeing.

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sometimes i just let it boil over...

this weekend i tried my hand at a single decoction... not a whole lot of hot break in the kettle after the sparge, but alot of gunkies in the mash tun... i think i'm sold on it.

my kettle boiled over on me when i sent mary on the long fly pattern in the driveway... she didn't catch the ball either...
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Originally Posted by boo boo
I skim off the protien that forms at the surface of the wort as it comes to a boil.
it's great on toast!

busy busy busy

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