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Mar 2008
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This isn't the first time I've seen something like this, there is a definite trend for doctors to have names hilariously appropriate for their line of work.

Dr. Kevin M. De Cock, who heads the World Health Organization’s H.I.V./AIDS department, said performing circumcisions on a large scale was no simple task for overstretched health care systems in southern African countries, where the approach was most needed. He acknowledged that adoption of the strategy had been “relatively slow.”

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lol. I am glad to have been given a somewhat normal name. At the very least, my name is not Cock, nor do I preform cercumcisions
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Professor Frink
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Along those lines...

When I was in 6th grade, my social studies teacher was talking about how, a long time ago, people's name had to do with their profession. She said, "Miller probably milled grain, Smith was probably a blacksmith..." My friend yells out "What about John Hancock?". I fell out of my chair laughing. True story.
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A friend of mine was born with the last name "Mycock".... He changed his name right before marrying a girl named "Choate"....

I kinda wanted an invite to the "Choate-Mycock" wedding...
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Sir Humpsalot
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My uncle's high school gym teacher was Anita Dick.

My computers teacher was Barb Dwyer.
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I once knew an OB/GYN doc named Dr. Box and an anethesiologist named Greg Gass.

No kidding.
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Well, I worked with a lady who's name is Anita Johnson. A long time ago I worked with a Guy who's name was Richard Soss. He insisted on being referred to by his nick name Dick!

Then there was the doctor at the clinic. Dr. Cramm...

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Well not quite as dirty sounding as some of the others in this thread but, when i was a kid we had neighbors whose last name was Quake. They had a daughter named patricia that they insisted on calling Patty. Patty Quake, Patty Quake, baker's man...
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There's a fund manager at Putnam Investments named Dick Weed, he runs some of their small-cap growth funds. He's not "Richard"; he's "Dick."

There's a retired doctor in town named Dr. Clutz. He used to have a partnership with Dr. Payne.
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SWMBO had an OB/GYN Dr. Zipper
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