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I need a new grill. Been using my charbroil I got from my dad for 2 years. and he had it for 4 before I got it. It's getting rusty. All the wood is starting to weather. I love it though. 2 burners makes it difficult to get nice down and slow. But, I find if I use 3rd rack I get some flexibility out of it. Meh, maybe it'll keep going through this season then I'll think about one next year. 350 isn't a bad price for a nice grill with everything you want.

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I've got the Charbroil grill Bobby posted. It's a great grill; held up for about 3 years now with no signs of rust, etc. Get a good quality cover, keep it out of the elements, and do routine maintenance; it'll last 10 years.

In my experience, it's hard to get this grill REALLY hot when I want to do steaks. It has those fat type of round "bar" grates, made of stainless....which makes a thick grill mark. One VERY important thing to note about gas grills, though......they invariably have hot and cold spots. This particular grill is real hot on the back row, and not hot enough on the front. This will really define how effectively you can use the grill. You will probably run into this problem with all grills. FWIW, Ducane is made by Weber

Lastly, the cast iron smoker box works great. It'll take a while to get it heated enough to begin smoking, though.....BM suggested the foil pouch, which is probably only need that one burst of smoke to get the why wait?

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Originally Posted by ScubaSteve View Post
One VERY important thing to note about gas grills, though......they invariably have hot and cold spots. You will probably run into this problem with all grills.

Lastly, the cast iron smoker box works great. It'll take a while to get it heated enough to begin smoking, though.....
I think gas grills have moved backwards in this regard...the early models used a bed of lava rocks over the burner to even out the heat. At some point (and probably for cost savings) the rocks were replaced with sheet metal "tents" to diffuse the heat. They claim it's an improvement, but I have my doubts.

My inexpensive Char-Broil was purchased in 2001, and came with the sheet metal "flavorizer" bars. I hated it, the heat was incredibly uneven and every steak I cooked had well-done spots and rare spots. To get anything to cook evenly, I had to keep it moving constantly.

A few years later, I was cleaning the grill out and noticed the firebox had ledges in the casting to support a rock grate...probably a vestigial leftover from an earlier design. I tossed the heat tent assembly, bought an appropriately sized rock grate and lined it with those pyramid shaped ceramic briquettes. What a difference! It takes a few minutes longer to heat up, but now the heat is quite even...not perfect, but quite manageable. I've been very happy with the grill ever since.

Once a year, I toss those briquettes into a bucket full of oxyclean for an over night soak, rinse thoroughly, and return them to the grill. Half an hour or so on high, and they are clean, completely dry and ready to go.

My smoker box is actually made of steel, and cost $1.50 on Amazon several years ago. It heats up fast, and puts out copious amounts of smoke in just a few minutes. When I'm through (I dump the spent chips) which are now hardwood charcoal, into my bucket of lump.

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I'll have to re-read the instructions; I'm pretty sure that they strongly recommended against using lava rocks, but maybe that's just because there isn't a way to support them.

Just cooked up some chicken for The Bean and I last night, I'll grab some steaks for tonight now that The Wife is back home. No pictures, she had the camera. Not sure if I made this clear, this is my first foray into using a propane grill, so I'm still getting the lay of the land, so to speak - figuring out how to manage temperatures and whatnot. In any case, even slightly over-cooked chicken tastes 8000x better cooked over a grill than cooked in the oven!
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swmbo asking me what kind of grill I want for Christmas. I told her I'd rather have a brew structure but if she insists on buying me/us a grill. I'm pretty sure I want either the Weber Spirit 310 or the Weber Genesis 310, It's a $50-$100 difference depending on where you buy it. What other companies stand up to weber's quality? I swore I'd never buy anything other than weber again but figured I better look into comparable grills.
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