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Apr 2008
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So I just ordered a used regulator on ebay. The guy put up a picture and it looked to be in real good condition. He said it was in great condition. It was in great condition before it was shipped.

To start, it was supposed to be shipped priority, but was shipped parcel post.

The packaging consisted of one of those priority mail large papery envelopes and some packing tape. It wasn't even cardboard. Needless to say, the envelope was almost shredded when it got here, and the gauges got knocked around and are busted up. I bent them back the best I could (so at least the needles weren't lodged up against the face, and were free to move) and I hooked it up to my CO2 tank. One of the gauges flat out doesn't work, and the other isn't accurate. Anyway, I need to get replacement gauges for them (one is a 3000 psi, the other 60 psi). The cheapest I've been able to find is $24 shipped for the pair. The seller tells me that I can apparently buy them for $15 and is willing to refund me $15, but I have yet to find them at that price.

So this was a long way of venting and asking, where can I get inexpensive gauges to replace these?

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May 2007
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I don't know about $15, but the Beverage Factory has good prices...make sure you get the correct threads. And once you've gotten some satisfaction from the seller, leave that turkey bad feedback!!

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Jan 2008
dallas, tx
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15 plus shipping would be about 24. 24 shipped is a good deal. Of course he'll quote lower, he's paying. I'd bet you he knew they were broken beforehand too, or else he probably wouldn't give you money.

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Apr 2008
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So basically our communication went like this:

I told him what he did wrong, and told him I would either like a refund (including shipping both ways), or would like for him to pay for replacement gauges which I said I had found for about $10 each + shipping.

He had emailed me back telling me that they were $15, and would I be ok with $15.

I responded to him that I would be fine with whatever it cost to replace them, but that I couldn't find them for that price, and to please provide me with links where I could buy them.

At that point I started this thread.

So he just responded saying that if I just search ebay for high pressure and low pressure gauges I could find them. He then provided these links: 2 High Pressure gauges for 7.99 (+7.95) and
low pressure for 14.99 + 7 ship

He then proceeded to refund me $20 without asking if it was OK.

Those links don't really help because 1) I'm not looking for multiple gauges, and 2) They are the wrong PSI. 1000 PSI is not 3000, and 200 is not 60.

Worst case at this point, I'm out $4, but it's still just messed up. i'm gonna look around a bit more and maybe stop at a store locally tomorrow. I still don't get how you could possibly think that it was alright to ship this in what he shipped it in.

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1000 psi should be okay for the high pressure gauge for your tank. CO2 head pressure at room temp is about 800 psi and it decreases as you cool the tank. The 200 psi is a little out of range for your normal carbonated beverage tank. I think you could get a low pressure gauge fairly cheaply from your local welding supply shop.

By the way, what did you pay for the original gauges?
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Mar 2008
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Kegworks has them also.

$6.77 for the 60psi and $10.69 for the 3000psi.

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Nov 2007
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I have not bought these, but it is very tempting

Edit: removed URL, Grainger did not actually have those guages.

I have a couple gauges I need to replace too.
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You don't want 60psi secondary anyway. The resolution is too low for using in the 8-15psi range that we normally use.

Here's a backmount 0-30 for $13ish shipped.

I bought some 0-15psi ones for my secondary bank because I normally use 10-12psi. I actually should change one of them back to 0-30 for my hefes/wits though because i have that needle pegged.

Also, you really don't need a high pressure gauge. You can plug that port. It will tell you when you're empty but it won't really give you advance warning. You need a scale to do that.
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Apr 2008
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Thanks for all the responses.

I paid $26 and change plus $10 shipping for the regulator. It is a taprite Series 740, and seems to be a pretty heavy duty one. I could tell the gauges were in good shape from the picture, so seemed like a solid deal.

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Feb 2008
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0-30 PSI - $5.80
0-2000 PSI - $7.44

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