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Originally Posted by aguy90 View Post
i have a question. Sam Adams cream stout, what is it supposed to taste like? i am new to the various types of beer so i'm not sure what i am supposed to be tasting. the reason i ask this is so far i have had two (1 hot 1 cold) the hot one had a little coffee after taste with a burnt flavor. the cold one i had just tasted burnt.

is it that way with all stouts? just Sam Adams? or just this batch?
Beer Advocate describes Cream/Sweet Stouts as:
Milk / Sweet Stouts are basically stouts that have a larger amount of residual dextrins and unfermented sugars that give the brew more body and a sweetness that counters the roasted character. Milk Stouts are very similar to Sweet Stouts, but brewers add unfermentable sugars, usually lactose, to the brew kettle to add body and some sweetness.
The burnt flavor might be from the roasting/toasting procedure which is fairly common in stouts.
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I think Sam Adams is great, I like a lot of the beers too! I was kinda put off way back when I found out they were basically a marketing company not a brewing company don't know much about their business model, some of that may have changed although I understand they still do a lot of contract brewing. I wasn't a big beer drinker back then but I thought the lager and ale was OK for beer. My wife & brother in law got me started back drinking beer with New Castle Brown ale (I'm not a hop head). Now I love the Black Lager, Old Feziwig, Brown Ale, & Holiday Porter. When the Winter Lager, Octoberfest and Double Bock is available, I stock up big time.

SA on tap is some of the best beer I've had around Hotlanta.

I think you read a thread or 2 that's been posted lately and though everyone hated SA.

Guess you know differently now!
Do what you like!
Brew what you like!

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As I've noted once or twice before, I'm not generally a fan of their lighter colored beers, though I do really like the Boston Ale. Some, like the Boston Lager, I think are pretty good beers, but they're just not my style; others, like their pale ale, I just don't think is the greatest thing out there. Now, their darker beers are, generally speaking, very good beers. I love the honey porter, ceam stout, double bock, holiday porter, and (my favorite) Old Fezziwig.

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I bought their variety pack to drink on my camping trip. It had some SA beers I haven't tried yet (Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, Cherry Wheat). The rest I've had before.

Boston Lager - Great, as previously mentioned
Boston Ale - Very good as well. I think the flavor works better as a lager, but this is a good beer as well.
Pale Ale - Surprisingly good. Nice clean, yet bold flavor
Hefeweizen - A bit disappointing. An American Hefe, with less flavor than a Pyramid. Not terrible, but I wouldn't buy this in the store (if they ever carried it, that is).
Summer Ale - Very good. I love the aftertaste, and it has a nice clean taste. It's basically a superior version of their hefeweizen, with a much better aftertaste.
Cherry Wheat - No idea why this beer gets slammed so often, I really enjoyed it. I thought the cherry would be very subtle, but it is quite pronounced. This is probably a bit off-setting for someone who is looking to drink a typical beer, but I think it's a nice change of pace. It has a great flavor.

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