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I've warmed up to the notion of contract and remote brewing in recent years. It used to bother me when I would learn that a beer I liked and respected was brewed in some other city or by some other company than the brewery on the label, but with large scale brewing, it seems like the facilities are all equally capable of making good beer. It's the recipes that matter most. Can anyone tell a difference between Red Hook brewed in Washington and Red Hook Brewed in New Hampshire? Even my beloved Christian Moerlein is currently brewed in Maryland. I'd like to see them move operations back to cincy where it's historically based and currently run (and they want to bring it home also), but the most important thing is that the beer tastes good and pays tribute to it's origins.

Back to SA: for what it's worth, their cincy operation is based in the historic old Hudepohl brewery, so it's not like some big plain factory (though i really wish they had tours).

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Originally Posted by Brew Dude View Post

I know homebrewers have some sort of stigma against Sam Adams, even though the company was created by a homebrewer... I've heard terrible things about their Cherry Wheat, Lambic, and several others, but I've really enjoyed the beers I've had from them....
Dammit I love those beers!

I also love the Black Lager. And I think their beers are all at least "good" interpretations of the various styles, and are great gateway beers for people who have had nothing but BMC and want to branch out a bit. Yeah, after loving Paulaner and the likes, SA's Hefeweizen doesn't do anything for me, but people have to start somewhere. And SA is a perfect start.

Craving some cherry wheat now...

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I like the Boston Lager, Summer Wheat, and Octoberfest (I personaly thought the 2007 Octoberfest was not as good as the 2006).

I've tried a few of their other beers in the Summer Pack, and have no complaints and would definately try more SA products if they were available locally.
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Jun 2008
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I like the Cherry Wheat on tap...better than the bottled one. I am a big fan of Sam Adams ( except the Lambic...guess I'm not a sour beer fan...yet). I'm planning on brewing a batch of Old Feziwig for Christmas time this year. I'm also looking forward to trying Adam Walsh's IPA at a Patriots game this fall.

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May 2008
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I never mind a nice Summer Ale or Cream Stout
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Who said anything about hating the BBC?

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That's my question too!

All in good fun, but I expect your next post to be:

"OK give me hell. I don't like Budweiser."
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I love the Boston Lager, some of their other beers are pretty good as well.

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I drink it all the time while traveling. It's right behind Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Those two beers can usually be found in any decent restaurant in bottles.

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