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Mar 2006
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You wouldn't happen to have the recipe, would you? I want to see how it compares to mine.
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El Pistolero
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Originally Posted by flingdingo
You wouldn't happen to have the recipe, would you? I want to see how it compares to mine.
Fat Tire Clone
9 oz US 80°L Crystal Malt
6˝ oz German Munich Malt
4˝ oz Aromatic Malt
3 oz Belgian Biscuit Malt
4˝ lb. Alexanders Pale LME
2˝ lb. Munton’s Extra Light DME
1/3 oz. Yakima Magnum @ 15%AA (5 HBU)
1/2 oz. Hallertau
1 tsp. Irish Moss
1/4 oz. Willamette
WLP530 Abbey Ale Yeast

This is taken from Beer Captured, with a couple of mods. My LHBS doesn't carry Victory malt...he claims it's the same thing as bisquit malt, and suggested I try a little aromatic malt instead. I did that and liked it, but I think next time I'd drop one of the two (bisquit or aromatic) just a bit, as the "bisquit" quality is pretty pronounced. Also, I think I'd add a bit more Yakima as it's not quite balanced, and somehow it needs that faint pepper hint that the real Fat Tire has...I'm not sure if that's supposed to come from the yeast or the flavor hops.
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Originally Posted by flingdingo
You wouldn't happen to have the recipe, would you? I want to see how it compares to mine.
Here's a Fat Tire tribute kit from my LHBS - basically all the same ingredients El Pistolero listed: of the page).

I'll also add my endorsement for Fat Tire as a very good beer - it's not hard to get around Chicago, but I tend to only drink it when I'm skiing out west. Very common in the bars around the resorts.

FWIW, the Wee Heavy just below on the page is what's currently in my Primary. If it's 1/10th as good as the original it'll be in heavy rotation in my future brews.
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Jan 2008
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yeast always makes a difference, especially with a belgian. northern brewer has a good recipe with the particular yeast new belgium uses, or they did have. i'd like availability of clones for some of their other beers also. i think it's worth brewing.

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Jan 2009
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I tried Fat Tire when I was in Arizona... did not like, but I had 2 just to be sure. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it had a slight "peachy" undertone, subtle, but enough that I noticed.
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Tried it....and was kind of underwhelmed. It's been that way with every New Belgium beer I've tried. I like other Belgians more than Mothership Wit, and other black lagers more than 1554.....
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Mar 2009
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I lived in Colorado for about 10 years and this was always the house "standard" of many people. I loved it, then kind of OD'd on it after a while.

It was one of the first microbrews to burst on a bigger scene out of Colorado, and helped push New Belgium to a new level. Excellent taste for the style, and you will be surprised at how it doesn't really fit any mold. It is one of those types of beers that pretty much everyone likes, from the BMC group to "I only drink good micros" types.

Sweeter taste with just a bit of sourness, and not hoppy at all, at least not in a sense of other craft beers we see. Good all around year beer, but not a summer chug beer.

I would doubt that anyone would not like the beer or style.
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Feb 2009
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Add me to the list that is not a fan of Fat Tire.

As a Colorado native, I've noticed that you pretty much get inundated with Fat Tire as the one beer on tap that isn't BMC. I'm not saying that it's not a good beer, as so many like it, but it feels like it's reached the Sam Adams level in these parts where it's the only tap in many restaurants that doesn't have the word "Lite" on it.

Having said that, I'll stand behind any of the Denver area micros and would urge you to give a go.

On a side note, New Belgium's best beer, IMO, is the 1554.

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Feb 2009
Buford, GA
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Originally Posted by dbowdit16 View Post
On a side note, New Belgium's best beer, IMO, is the 1554.
+1 here. 1554 is one of my faves to get when i'm out west. also a big 90 Shilling fan.

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Feb 2009
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I'm not a huge fat tire fan either. It's decent for the price, and better than a lot of beers, but relatively bland. I did like the mothership wit though, pretty good representation of the style.

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