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Jan 2008
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I love this show. BEAR is awsome. but honestly i was watching it last night 5-30-08 & did bear really need to put that knife to his skin to show us that in -20 metal will stick it your skin. Did he really have to pee it off, then pick bug out of a tree with it to eat. It really wasnt needed but i still love the show

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Oct 2005
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I've always preferred Survivorman to Man Vs Wild. (And I came to this conclusion before the whole hotel 'controversy').

Survivorman always seemed to appear to my more pragmatic nature, whereas bear always seemed to be about the dramatic stuff.
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Feb 2008
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Can't remember which one...I think it's survivor man...but it's all fake...they stay in nice motels and eat in restaurants and stuff. It's not really like they make it out to be.
Fake TV...I just cant' believe it.
Seriously. I'm here for BEER
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Jun 2006
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Survivorman is way better even though he complains a lot more. After the guy in man vs wild picked up a big piece of elephant dung and squezed the juices into his mouth I pretty much decided he was an idiot.

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Sep 2007
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When did people start expecting reality TV as the default, and then start getting surprised when there's some hotels involved?

Man vs wild is badass to watch, for sure, but bogus on a lot of counts.
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Jan 2008
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I agree that Man vs Wild is a little more extreme, but I don't think is comes off as "scripted" as Survivorman
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Feb 2007
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I can't stand the way Bear pronounces "glacier"
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Apr 2008
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I think if I had to be lost in the woods with someone, it would be Bear. But, as far as the show goes...survivor man is more hardcore he doesn't need any wussy camera team.

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Old 05-31-2008, 07:50 PM   #9
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Dec 2007
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I think survivorman is more realistic (no camera crew, dropped off in the middle of no where), man vs. wild has a camera crew and you know that dude is up in a hotel at night sleeping pretty damn well.

I used to stay up all night and watch back to back episodes of survivorman.
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May 2007
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I can't watch Man vs. Wild...that guy dispenses spectacularly bad survival information, urging people to do things that would get normal people killed. He deliberately puts himself in dangerous situations (falling down a crevasse, jumping through ice into a frigid lake, drinking suspect water, etc.) knowing that his athletic ability and large support crew will bail him out. He's all about shock value, and nothing meaningful is conveyed. Once the cameras are off, he's off to the lodge for a hot meal and a few drinks.

OTOH, once Les is on his own, he goes to great lengths to minimize danger. He's very much an "everyman" in the wild, and suggests survival techniques that are actually possible for normal folks that might unexpectedly find themselves in a bad situation. Sometimes he fails at them, and to his credit those failures make the final cut. At the end of an episode, he often looks totally beat to hell...just as most of us would!

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