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May 2008
Hertfordshire, England
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in a few months i will be able to get hold of nice fresh apples and pears from near by tree's "friendly neighbours" and i don't want to take advantage so much that i make like 5+ gallons of cider..

all the ciders i have been making have been from cartons of juice "pure" and i want to try and juice my own fruit and make propper cider.

so how much yeast would i need roughly if i made a batch of 1L of juice as then from this i can double or triple to get what i need.

any help would be thanked.


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Sep 2007
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I can't answer your question about the amount of apples per gallon of juice but would it really be taking advantage if you were to make 5 gal and to give the tree owners back a gallon or two of finished product?

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I'm not sure what your question is? You juice the apples, and add yeast. One package of yeast is good for up to six gallons.
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Originally Posted by YooperBrew View Post
One package of yeast is good for up to six gallons.
And let's be honest. Yeast is right around $1.00. Don't be a cheapskate! Use the whole a 1 gallons batch, 3 gallon batch, or 6 gallons. You would rather over pitch than under TRUST ME!
Just juice away and take a gravity reading...You can always add honey or sugar or whatever to increase the alcohol levels if you want to.
Seriously. I'm here for BEER
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May 2008
Hertfordshire, England
Posts: 25

Originally Posted by BigKahuna View Post
And let's be honest. Yeast is right around $1.00. Don't be a cheapskate!
im not bothered about money, its just as i will only make 1litre of juice which is 1/4 of gallon slightly less i wasn't sure whether too much yeast would be a bad thing. sorry if i confused people but thats all i was trying to say

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May 2008
Madison, WI
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Anyone mind if I ask a few questions too? I'm thinking about doing a few test batches of hard cider later this summer (1 gallon each). I would like to use apple cider from a local farm. They do not pasteurize the cider. So a bunch of questions:

1 - Should I pasteurize the cider? Are there any disadvantages (other than the extra time) to doing this? I would prefer a controlled fermentation rather than a natural one.

2 - Are there specific fining agents that are preferred for making cider (vs. those used for beer)?

3 - If I want to make 1 gallon test batches, what is a good container size to ferment in? Could I just use a little less and use a 1 gallon container or would it be better to use something bigger? If I go bigger, how much extra space is too much (oxidation)?

4 - If I would like to add fruit to the cider (this is where the experimentation comes in), is it better to do in a secondary or to just add it to the primary? I assume this gets into the "when do I add the fruit to my beer" debate, but perhaps with cider there are different opinions.

5 - It seems that a number of recipes call for the addition of yeast nutrients. How important is this? Any recommendations?

6 - I'd like to keep this brew a little sweet. Will the addition of fruit help with that, or should I add a sweetening agent like lactose?

7 - And lastly (for now) what strain of yeast should I use? I'm not looking for a high percentage brew, but something more in line with a strong beer alcohol-wise. Would an ale yeast do the trick?

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Nov 2006
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Warboss, I think we pressed 7 bu last year and got around 30 gallons of Cider. Thing is the more you press, the better the do more than you think you'll need. It takes quite a bit.
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