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Dec 2007
Jacksonville, Fl
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Just curious who Fly and who Batch sparges and why you have chosen that route.
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Apr 2008
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Batch Sparger here:

1. Easier to make
2. Cheaper to make
3. Efficiency acceptable at 80%
4. Easier to brew

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May 2006
Phoenix, AZ
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Originally Posted by jikastew View Post
Batch Sparger here:

1. Easier to make
2. Cheaper to make
3. Efficiency acceptable at 80%
4. Easier to brew
Ditto that!

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Aug 2006
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Welcome to I love you.
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Mar 2008
Atlanta, GA
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Fly sparge here. I find it easy, and with step mashes I'm averaging close to 90%.

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Sep 2006
Ontario, Canada
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Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
Do you have that on speed-reply?

I do both batch and fly sparging (mostly depends on the weather). I get usually about 89% efficiency with my fly sparging rig and ~85% batch sparging. If I was all about the numbers I'd fly sparge all the way, but I only like to do that when it's nice outside and I can sit around in the sun drinking some beers.
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Mar 2008
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All I have done currently has been batch sparging. Due to lack of fly sparge setup, ease, and 80% efficiency with batch. Don't see a real reason to switch.
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Old 05-30-2008, 12:41 PM   #8
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Jun 2007
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I fly. Always have for no real reason (initially) except that with my 3-tier keggle set-up, I thought it would be easier because the only thing I need to keep an eye on volume-wise is my boil volume. For sparge water, I can just fill up the HLT, heat it up to ~170 and sparge until I hit boil volume. This, coupled with the fact that I get 92% efficiency, will keep me fly-sparging. As for a complicated set-up, I don't think mine could be much easier. All I do is sprinkle the water coming out of the tubing from the HLT. Yes, it's labor-intensive, so to speak, when I could be doing other things for 45 minutes instead of sprinkling a hose of 170 degree water, but I don't think it's a big deal. I enjoy brewing and taking my time with it for now. But a sparge-arm contraption is on my mind.

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Old 05-30-2008, 12:55 PM   #9
missing link
Jul 2007
Highland, MI
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I fly sparge because that was how I set my equipment up. I have a $5 PVC manifold in the bottom of the MLT and I have a $5 manifold that sits on top of the grain.

As a previous poster said, I over add water to my HLT by a gallon or so and then just watch my pre-boil target volume and stop when I get there. Last 2 brews have been right around 90%. Though I am more happy about 2 batches having similar efficiency than I am about the actual efficiency. I'm brewing tomorrow and I have adjusted my recipe for 85% this time.

I've never batch sparged, I suppose I should try but there just aren't as many gadgets involved!!!
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Apr 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
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I fly sparge, or, more correctly, I do the hybrid fly sparge discussed in BYO a bit back. (Adding 1/3 of my sparge water at a time, & draining it off at normal sparge rates) I recirculate during the mash, and I can maintain the clarity achieved this way. It takes longer, but is actually less work. I seem to enjoy it more as well.
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