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Jan 2006
Chicago, IL
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hey all... my roommate has made this supposed mistake twice now. we're trying to up our bottle count, and i've always understood that the only bottles we can use are the standard 'pop-top' bottles. not the twist offs that the big breweries use. he just went to buy some beer, and got some JWD Amber Lager (twist-off top). not knowing until too late, i decided to see if we could reclose it with an unused cap. using our big italian benchcapper... it appears at first glance that it capped it with no problems. it even has the diagonal grooves where the twists are.

what are the problems that people have faced to have this preconceived notion that twist-off bottles are a no-no. does the carbonation process cause too much pressure for the cap to hold? does it leak after long periods of time? any input would be appreciated, thanks!
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Lounge Lizard
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Nov 2005
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I don't think there is a problem, since you have a bench capper. That's what it takes to cap twist-offs. A lot of guys (and gals) just don't have one...

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Aug 2005
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Before I collected all of my pop-top bottles I used the twisted off type. Normally in a batch I would lose 1 or 2 due to a bad seal. Not to bad of a ratio from 60 or so. A lot of people here will say "DON'T DO IT", Why there not "ALL" crazy, I believe everone feels more sercure with the pop-top type.

Also, just as an add on, one of the guys here at the office, goes down to the bottle return and ask to go through the bottles there. He finds Grolsh, and quart bottles that have not been returned back to the manufactures and they charge him 20-25 cents per bottles depending on the type..........You may want to give this a try as well.

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Jan 2006
St. Louis
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Not to start another debate here...but the glass at the threads is thin and can chip and crack under pressure of the capper and metal cap. Many people have done it without ill effect. I just don't take the chance. Besides, I've heard that using this type of bottle causes alzheimer's

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Aug 2005
Little Rock, AR
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I have an Italian bench capper as well. It is not what you need to cap those things. The require a special capper and a special cap. The Italian capper will do a decent job capping, but you'll lose a certain amount of the beer to bad seals - possibly all of them. I'm not gambling on it, so I won't use them.

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Oct 2005
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Twist-offs are just a little harder to seal. As far as breakage, non-twist-offs are less likely to break. They still do.
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Jan 2006
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i had to use a case of twist off for my second batch.. my roomate broke two necks capping, any ive broke about 5 tops off uncapping.. we've since stocked up on grolsh bottles.. much easier..

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Jan 2006
Chicago, IL
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Originally Posted by bitsmith2k
i had to use a case of twist off for my second batch.. my roomate broke two necks capping, any ive broke about 5 tops off uncapping.. we've since stocked up on grolsh bottles.. much easier..
holy crap....are you "uncapping" by smashing the top of the bottle on a cinderblock?

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Mar 2005
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I was wondering the same thing .
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Jim Karr
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Dec 2005
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Every batch I've brewed, I've used one or two of the twist-off bottles. I wanted to test and see just what happened.

I have yet to see one fail, and one batch is seriously over-carbonated. No failures yet!

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