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Mar 2008
St. Louis
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I was brewing this weekend and since I started early in the day I wasn't drinking. Then my neighbor showed up who works for AB and asked if I wanted to try any of the new beers. I was like eh sure, how bout the new Michelob Pale Ale? In the meantime my #$%@! digital thermometer died (2nd one in a month) and I had to run out and get one. When I got back there was a mixed case of new AB products in my garage. Then when I go next door to thank him, he leads me into his basement and hands me half a case of Bass and a Brewmasters Reserve.
I started drinking right after that.
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yeah, i've got big balls

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Jul 2006
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I decided this past weekend to mostly hold off on the drinking until after mash-in. I know, that sounds like it's near the beginning, but I make sure to have a clear head when setting up all the equipment, doing target calculations and measuring out ingredients, adjuncts, etc. (actually SWMBO, aka BrewWench, has been doing most of the measureing). Once I get mashed in and have my calculations and schedule written down, I've got at least an hour to kill and that's when we can sit and relax with a beer.

Little mistakes are great learning experiences, especially when nobody gets hurt. You'll probably not make those mistakes again.

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Mar 2008
Burlington, WA
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Since I am just learning the AG process I figured I would do it on the not so sober side. Learning while a few pints in, seems to be the answer. As I see it if I learn it buzzed, doing it sober will be a breeze.

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May 2008
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Originally Posted by MrFebtober View Post
I decided this past weekend to mostly hold off on the drinking until after mash-in.
Well, I'll be drinking the whole time anyway :c )

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Jul 2007
Indiana, PA
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Drinking while brewing, while fun, can lead to some issues. Case in point, we did a Cinnamon Porter a few months back. The recipe we came up with called for two sticks of cinnamon with 15 min. left in the boil. Due to our "beer tastings" that afternoon, two turned into TWELVE! It now smells like Close Up toothpaste and you really have to fight to find anything "porter" about it.

Still, though, I think drinking while brewing is an inherent part of the process. Just make sure to have some food in there somewhere.

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Aug 2006
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I'll have a couple brews on brew day but I pace myself and I'm not exactly an all grain beginner. I feel like I'm relatively dialed in at this point. The more sober I stay though, the better chance I have of not falling down the basement stairs with a full carboy.
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Aug 2007
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I will usually have a beer during the mash. After that I'm so busy with everything that I find it hard to find time to drink heavily.

Just pace yourself and you'll be OK.

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Sep 2007
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For the record, we hit a pre boil gravity of 1.040, which led us to a 68% efficiency. I think the low eff was caused by using too much sparge water.

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Nov 2006
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I'll have a few while I'm brewing, but not to the point of even getting a buzz.

Even when I'm brewing with others we don't start the real drinking until the chiller goes in.
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Jul 2006
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No beer till flame out. It's the smart thing to do when dealing with 13 gallons of scalding boiling wort, propane, multiple flame sources, etc.

It also has the added benefit of still being of sound mind & judgment at yeast pitching time which is less than an hour after flame out.

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