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Aug 2007
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I've brewed 8 mostly good batches (one APA was great). However, I have a hazelnut brown ale that is terrible. Per the recipe, I added hazelnut flavoring at bottling. Unfortunately, the hazelnut flavor totally overwhelms the beer. As my brother says, it's like drinking a Reeses peanut butter cup.

I hoped aging might help the flavor balance, but it's been six months with no change.

So, should I just pour it out? Any ideas to mellow it out? I haven't bailed out on a batch yet. It's a little distressing to think of dumping a few gallons.

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keep it around for a bit longer

try to find another member to offer a sampling to..
they might have a different opinion

offer some up as gifts to people

if you have already had it the bottle for 6 months what is the harm in waiting longer

I wouldn't throw it out, but that just my opinion
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Brew another brown ale with a similar recipe. Skip the hazelnut. Blend that batch with the existing overpowered one.
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I like Yuri's suggestion....I'd also be interested in seeing it after a year...it might be fine by then...
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Aug 2007
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Originally Posted by Yuri_Rage View Post
Brew another brown ale with a similar recipe. Skip the hazelnut. Blend that batch with the existing overpowered one.
I like this idea too. I think I'll try this option. When would you merge the beers... at racking into the secondary?

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May 2008
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Questionable beer is always a disappointment.

Pity that it is, if you personally really don't like it, you might choose to dump it and make another beer.

Or let it age and buy more bottles.

Or you can blend it...

Whatever you do, the choice is yours..

But don't forget to look to the future... There is so much beer just waiting to be made.


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Old 05-27-2008, 01:54 PM   #7
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Is the current batch in bottles or a keg? If the latter, just mix after the new batch has settled. Bottles makes it a bit harder.
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There's always blending into the glass out of two separate bottles...
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Jun 2006
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Ive only thrown out once beer, and that was cause I scorched some DME and it tasted like burnt beer. I vote for the blend method. Before you blend take equal parts and do a taste test tho so you don't end up ruining two beers! HA!

If you make a straight up stout it will hide the hazelnut flavor a little...
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You could always use it for cooking too.

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