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Did my first a few weeks ago, an AHB Amber Ale, OG supposed to be 1.051, my OG was 1.050. Primary carboy for about 13 days, primary temp was 64 that went up to 68 during the ferment. Had a good krausen ring, bubbling slowed to just about a stop at 9-10 days and the krausen fell, temps were back at 65. Final OG supposed to be 1.012, took my first FG on Day 11 in the primary and hit it exactly at 1.012, I waited two more days took a second reading with the same results (1.012) and decided to rack to secondary.

I may have taken some trub over, but the a significant amount of yeast fell out of suspension by the end of the 2nd day in the secondary. The secondary was sitting on my basement floor (concrete) with ambient air temp at 65, the stick on therm reading 64, and probably a bit cooler due to contact with the floor. No foam, no action, nothing, just amber beer with a clean surface. 10 days into the secondary I move the secondary to my workbench about 3' off the floor, ambient air temp is 69-70. After 2 days, there is a small ring of bubbles on the surface of the beer sticking to the sides of the carboy. By small I mean, less than the width of a piece of string, and not continous all the way around. You can see the occossional super small bubble come up along the inside of the carboy, maybe one tiny bubble ever couple seconds that ends up in the ring at the top. NO airlock movement though...

Anyhow, to the experienced here, does this sound like it's fermenting still or just CO2 coming out of suspension? I hit the FG and haven't rushed it, temps were good and stayed consistent throughout...I'm leaning more towards CO2 release, guessing that the temp change is forcing the CO2 out of the liquid. I don't know...sounds like a good guess...any ideas?
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You are more then fine. Don't stress it, sounds like you know what your doing!
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