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Jul 2007
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I've been doing partial mashes with good success and this summer I plan to move up to all grain.

I have really hard well water so I've been blending half hard from the well and half soft from the water softener. I also us 5.2 PH stabilizer for lighter beers.

all ppm:

           Ca    Mg    Na   SO4    Cl    HCO3
Hard       112    53    20    10    121    425
Soft         1     0   232    10    105    432
Combined    56    26   126    10    113    428
Any comments or suggestions before using my water like this for all grain?

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Jul 2007
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TTT - Anything anyone??

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I am not a water expert, so I can't assist. Here is my water selection method that has worked fine so far. Does it taste good when you drink it? If so, it will make decent beer with extract or AG.

In my opinion when starting AG, there are too many other things to be concerned with besides water. Once you are confident in you technique and really want to get into the finer detais of brewing, then water analysis may be for you .

If you have concerns about your current water supply, I'd recommend using bottled water for your beers.
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Your bicarbonates are through the roof. Even in your softened samples. I don't blending is getting you much except a lot of sodium. You're residual alkalinity is probably pretty high either way. I recommend chapter 15 at www.howtobrew.com to learn about water. If its been working, keep with it! If you want to start tweaking I say read chapter 15. Best of luck!
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My water is not quite as hard as yours, but up there. This wrecks havoc on hop bitterness, making it more harsh and astringent and taking longer to mellow. Good for stouts, not pale beers though. I've taken to setting my water up several days before brewing and then adding pickling lime (1 tsp) to precipitate the Carbonate. I also aerate my water. I let the water settle for at least 8 hrs and then drain off the water through a spigot, leaving the precipitated calcium carbonate behind. This has had a huge impact in the hop flavors of my lagers - very smooth, not harsh. You'll have to watch your pH as adding too much lime will send the pH through the roof.
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You water is alot like my water with very high bicarb levels. Instead of pjj2ba's precipitation idea, I use use the mantra, "Dilution is the Solution to Pollution"

Lately I will take 2-3 gallons of our tap, dilute it with 5 gallons of RO water, and add a couple grams of gypsum and Epsom salt to get the Ca, Mg, and SO4 levels back up. I also add 5.2 to the mash, but that is more of a safety net than anything. The last few brews I have done this way have turned out very well, so I am happy with this method for now
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