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Ok, I did a partial mash with 1 lb of victory and 6 lbs of pale LME. I hit my FG after a week and now it's setting but I really think it needs some some crystal malt to round out the finish. Can I partial mash 1lb of crystal in a quart of water and add it to my already fermented wort? I'm thinking that any real chance of infection will be low because it's already hopped and it's 4.5% alcohol. Do you think I'm going to have any problems with this method? I really don't want to miss the flavor profile and crystal would be the way to go.

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I'd leave the batch you have alone, and rebrew it with the crystal that you want in it.

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Originally Posted by RLinNH View Post
I'd leave the batch you have alone, and rebrew it with the crystal that you want in it.
I agree....In fact do the rebrew soon, and you have a nice comparison test.
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Wouldn't you have to do another yeast pitch or let it ferment of course or if Yeatrs was still alive from the sugars in the Crystal.
What about steeping the crystal for color and flavor? Would this work?
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Originally Posted by Jaeger48 View Post
Can I partial mash 1lb of crystal in a quart of water and add it to my already fermented wort?
To actually "mash" that crystal, you'd need some base malt too. Without enzymes, it's just steeping.

I have to agree with the consensus, don't mess with this batch, which is well on it's way to completion...get another one going, and this time use the crystal.

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+1 on leaving it alone. Get another batch going immediately.

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