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Originally Posted by Yuri_Rage View Post
Actually, ice cream machine motors were my other avenue of approach. I couldn't find any less than about $30.

Yard sales. I've seen so many ice cream makers at yard sales it's amazing. I paid $1 for mine last summer. Still haven't used it yet though.

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What sort of current draw do these wiper motors have? >5A under load? I suppose a cheap PC PSU could run one just fine, but if you don't already have one you'll have to factor in the cost of the power supply if you're going with a DC motor, which could put the cost on par with an ice cream maker. Yuri probably already has a box full of old power supplies of all sorts, though.

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I'd check a local Auto Salvage yard before i'd buy a wiper motor off the net. I have to think they'd be cheaper there.

The idea is intriguing at the least. And early on, I had considered devising such a device but now I just don't see the point. Of course, I graduated myself to a direct fire tun and re-circulate the wort through the grain, some time ago. Which is essentially, enzymatically, the same thing.

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I got mine for free from a Auto Salvage yard, I just ask them if they had any that didnt sell and had been on the shelf for to long and they gave me one. I use a 12v computer power supply to run mine, But I do have a good supply of them since I am a Computer tech at a School.

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If I would've seen this about a month, I probably wouldn't have converted my IC to a CFC.

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Originally Posted by GilaMinumBeer View Post
I'd check a local Auto Salvage yard before i'd buy a wiper motor off the net. I have to think they'd be cheaper there.
Don't count on it. I've rarely had a positive experience at a junkyard. Most are rip-off artists. I have a passionate distaste for junkyards based on quite a bit of experience across several states and regions.
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Anybody use automatic stirrers for decoction stirring? Something with an open frame rather than a sealed lid?

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Does everybody who stir use steam, I know yuri does, and I have a ice cream maker and i'm debating on making it into a mash stirrer, cause i don't know if it will actually help

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I'd like to incorperate the motor from an ice cream machine into my MLT. Any one who has accomplished this DIY Automated Mash Stiring pm me or post up what you have and learned. A local Brewery here gets a whopping 93% efficiany because of the mash rakes, I like to think we all could improve the efficiancy thru this teqnique.

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I was at goodwill the other day and saw at least 10 ice cream makers priced at about $3 each. It comes with an attachment for a paddle. I would suppose it would be easy to modify the paddle and make it longer. $10 could make the whole thing work.

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