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Default i can't believe i am asking this

Ok, so for my first batch of beer this summer I want to make a beer that resembles bud light or busch light. Now before you pass out from the wind being knocked out of you here is why. My dad hates microbrews, but loves american domestics. Pretty much AB beers. I want to ask him to help me with my first brew as a father and son project and just for the help. but i want him to be able to enjoy the beer we make, and this might just open him up to try other beers we make. So what is a good extract or parshall recipe that I could follow? I don't have all grain capabilities yet.

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I suggest making a very very pale ale lightly hopped and it could bring you close to and even better than those brews.

Maybe 6# Extra Light DME

.5 Cascade at 60 min
.5 Cascade at 15 min

Some sort of american ale yeast


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I agree but maybe go even lighter, like 5lbs DME. Add one pound just prior to the 60 minute hop addition, then add the remaining 4 pounds at the 15 minute hop addition. This will make the beer as light as possible in color. Use either Nottingham or US-05 dry yeasts for simplicity. The style is American Blonde and I always have something similar on tap during the Spring and Summer.
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American Light Lager is one of the hardest styles to brew, believe it or not. The beer is so clean and transparent (not literally, figuratively) that any and all flaws are very noticeable.

RICLARK has the right idea---just be aware it won't be much like Bud or Busch. They're lagers; unless you have a way to keep your fermentation temps stable in the low 50's (f), you'll need to use the ale yeast that RICLARK mentions. Thus, it won't be as clean or crisp as a lager would. You also won't get a beer that's as light-colored by using extract. It just can't be done. Even the darkest of extracts have more color than you want for a pilsner.

Tht having been said---if you pitch an adequate amount of yeast (make a yeast starter!!!) and keep your fermentation temps in the low to mid 60's (f), it should be pretty low in esters/phenols and be a pretty good brew.
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it depends heavily on whether or not you can maintain lager temperatures for the fermenting beer. if not then your best bet is something like a kolsch, if you can lager beer than you might dilute the pale malt extract with corn or rice syrup to lighten the body and color the way major American commercial breweries do. I dont have a specific recipe but a lot of home brew sites sell ingredient kits for lagers and kolsch type beers. even more important than the malt extracts and steeping grains (or lack thereof) you use is the yeast I wouldnt use anything but a lager or kolsch type liquid yeast to get the right character.
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PM DeathBrewer about his cream ale. I've got a batch in the secondary right now, and it looks pretty light colored. It uses only 4 # of DME, but uses flaked wheat, flaked corn, Vienna Malt, and 2-row, too. I used Nottingham yeast since I didn't have lagering ability. If you omit the vienna malt and add 3/4 of the extra light DME with 15 min left in the boil (like BobbyM mentioned), it'll probably be even lighter.
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Use a Kolsch yeast and brew a light bodied wort. I brew this for my large tiki parties and put a bud light label on the keg. No ones knows the diff.
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Hey lex, below is a link to a thread about cloning BMC. I think the guys have given you your best shot with extracts. The thread is mostly about AG brewing of a BMC clone - bottom line, it's freakin' tough.
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Does your dad stick exclusively to light lagers, or has he tried somthing like Widmer or Pyramid hefeweizen. A wheat beer might be another option.

Good luck. Brewing a basic beer like you are just to spend time with Dad is respectable and getting him involved in the brewing process will probably open up his tastes a bit.
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I feel your pain when it comes to brewing a BL clone (the darker the better I say). I did the same type of brew for my dad the last time he came out to CA for a visit. I use a kolsch style yeast and after 2-3 months of lagering it turns out pretty close to an american light lager. So good luck with the brew nothing beats standing around a boiling pot sweet wort.

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