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Beertoven and I just had a little sidebar in an unsuspecting recipe thread about batch sparge methodology. If you've seen my all grain page ( you know that I like to use a hot double sparge in lieu of doing a pre-runnings mash out infusion. The reason I do this, and recommend it, is that I've tried a few methods and have had best results. However, I've never tested it with more controls and data points. It's been generally empirical, but variables can get the best of you. I don't want to keep advocating something that may be errent.

I'm constructing an experiment using 3 samples. All will be mashed at the same time for the same duration/temp (sitting in a common water bath to prevent drift). The sparge will use exactly the same volume so all three preboil volumes will be identical. The variables:

1. Pre-running mash out infusion at enough volume to raise mash to 168F, drain, infuse remaining sparge volume @ 168F and drain. (MOSS)

2. Full drain, full volume sparge infusion at 180F, drain. (NMOSS)

3. Full drain, half volume sparge infusion at 180F, drain, second half volume, drain. (NMODS)

Compare OG. Highest wins. Debate solved... heh, yeah right.

What I expect is that #3 will be the highest efficiency, somewhere around 94% followed closely by #1 at about 91%, then #2 at about 85%.

No, it's not touching on fly sparging, wort quality, hot side aeration or tannin extraction. It's just about maximizing batch sparge efficiency. Waste of time or interesting? Thoughts?
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That's a great experimental design, Bobby. I'm a double batch fan as well and have been wondering(I was in on that thread w/ Beertoven as well) if I'm REALLY doing the best I can from an efficiency perspective.

Thanks, as usual, for doing the legwork!

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This looks neat, Bobby. How are you actually going to carry it out? I'd like to replicate this at my house if I can. Ideally, the experiment would be carried out several times and then average OG's compared.

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Dr. Bobby with another mad scientist experiment.

I like it!
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cool idea -- it would be interesting to know if you could taste any differences in the batches in double blind taste test too.

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Thats a great idea. Please post your results

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Yeah! I'm VERY interested in the results, due to having limited mashing capabilities (5gal). I've always been told a mashout is unnecessary when using batch sparging, so i'm curious as to which turns out "optimal".
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I would suspect that you would need the same result a number of times before you can come to a conclusion. There are variables which can't easily be controlled like the thoroughness of stirring and the efficiency of the grain bed.

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Great experiment. I was wondering what volume of grain you are using and the thickness of your mash? I am curious what would happen if you repeated this triple experiment three times at three different grain bills, say a 5 gallon batch with 6 gallons of wort collected for 8 pounds, 12 pounds, and 16 pounds of grain. That way you could plot efficiency curves for different size grain bills.

I would be willing to help foot the bill for some of the grain as well as assist in "disposing" of some of the resulting output of the process.
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Hey, I'm a fan of your page and your process so I'm always interested in your proofs! Thanks for sharing!
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