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Mar 2008
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Ok I want to make a american wheat from extract. I found this kit I am woundering what size can of the Coopers Wheat Beer is. I am starting to think 3.3 lbs? Also does it seam right that there are no hops in this? One more question,
What yeast should I use (white labs).

I ask all these questions as I don't want to buy a kit. I plan on kegging this so the caps and priming sugar is useles to me. I have plenty extra of both

Thanks in advance

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Looks like it's a pre-hopped extract (the top of the web page says, in really tiny font, ""Hopped Extracts". Awful web site, BTW). Might consider one of these instead, if you don't want a hopped extract: (American Wheat is 2nd one down) (lots of choices)

For yeast, I'd say either WLP320 American Hefe (if you want a little banana/clove), or WLP001 if you want it cleaner.
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I have no idea what size the Coopers Wheat Beer can is.

As for hops, the American Wheat I recently made came in at about 25 IBUs. I think I used 1.5 oz Willamette at 60 mins, and 0.5 oz Willamette and 0.5 oz Amarillo at 0 mins (don't have my notes in front of me...).

I used Wyeast German Ale yeast (1007) because my HBS was out of Wyeast American Wheat yeast. White Labs also has a German Ale and an American Wheat Blend. I bet either of those two would be good a choice. You could also just go with WLP001 California Ale.

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Mar 2008
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I'm making one tonight, a Sam Summer Ale clone.

Had a good experience at my LHBS and will pick up

2 3.3lb cans of Briess wheat LME (6.6 lbs)
2 oz. Tetnang (1 @ 60min and 1 @ 10min)
2gm Seeds of Paradise (add at 5 min)

And I'll use some washed ale yeast from my last batch (Wyeast 1028 - London Ale)

Pick up maybe 3 lemons and add the zest at 5 min.

May add a Kicker of Alexander LME (1.4lbs) to boost the alcohol content.
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Mar 2008
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Thanks for the tips!! I found another recipe that looks better.

6.6 lbs. Munton's Wheat Extract
0.5 lbs. Crystal Malt (3L)
1.5 oz. Hallertauer Hops (Loose Flowers) (60 min)
0.5 oz. Hallertauer Hops (Loose Flowers) (5 min)
Wyeast #3056

Crystal malt was steeped for 30 minutes. The brew was then boiled for an hour with the hop schedule above.

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Feb 2005
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Go with Wizard's Wheat from Homebrew Heaven:

Great recipe, and no useless caps etc included

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