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two row and six row is a farming term based on how many stalks they stuff in a certian plot...

two row will give you better yields, six row will give you more husk and thus a better filter bed from the grain when you sparge....
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Originally Posted by ryser2k
From what I understand, in order of difficulty, it goes
Extract -> Mini-mash -> Partial Mash -> All Grain

Extract uses all malt extract, mini-mash uses about half grain and half extract, partial mash uses about 3/4 grain and 1/4 extract, and all-grain uses... well, all grain.

Correct me if I'm wrong here...
I think you're basically right here but your proportions might be off. I would say a mini mash would be 1/4 grain and 3/4 extract. Most of the beers I do are this way. Partial mash would be more like 50-50, imo. Although, from what I understand, the temperature and the duration of your grain mash determines how much sugar you get from them, so I would think that should be acounted for. I have used grain just for flavor and I have used grain for flavor and sugar, and there is a big difference.

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Yeah, I would think mini-mash and partial mash are the same thing...that is you're getting some of your fermentable sugars from grain and thus are doing a real mash and not just a steep. I'd say it's more like:

Extract (usually just your first batch or two at most)
Extract w/ steeped grains (will dramatically improve flavor by steeping grains in water)
Partial Mash (just as difficult as all-grain, but you don't need as big vessels)
All grain
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