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Toivo, please take a minute to give your input in the poll found here
If the recipe you brewed is not listed on the link provided there, let me know.
I thought the poll was a good idea to capture everybody's feedback, but very few entries so far.

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Nice looking beers Nilo! Which one is which?

One minor correction to your Google docs document. The original recipe was using 2 Row Pale not regular 2 Row (Great Western is named)- a slight difference. I'm also not sure the original recipe used Briess malts at all so maybe that should be stricken as well.

You list Munch 10 as one of your ingredients in the last batch listed as a mistake? What brand did you use? Looks like this is the first time using Munich and it improved the score. Are you saying this might be a better version using Munich?

What temp are you fermenting at?

Thanks for sharing.
Best Regards,

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Dry Hopping:



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I have updated the original recipe and changed the format on google drive. Seems it takes a while to show up, user may need to download the latest revision by clicking on the left top arrow.
Details on #8 can be found here
I used briess Munich 10. The increase in chill haze, probably due to short boil and removal of irish moss, was the reason I liked this recipe better. I now removed my score from the recipe file as I think it is misleading and just my opinion. Best to look at the poll results.

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Nov 2012
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I'm trying a little experiment. I've always brewed kits so I just want to get some opinions on my "Blue Moon Clone" its not really a clone but I just want a good bigger version of Blue Moon. I'm using AHS' Blue Moon extract kit with some added grains. To get more body and a higher ABV. The recipe is as follows.
AHS Blue Moon extract kit
2# light wheat specialty grains
1# flaked oats
8oz Carapils
Steep grains for 60min at 155 and strain and "sparge" with 1 gallon water at 170.
Boil size 3.5 gallon
Batch size 5.5 gallon
Using Wyeast American Wheat 1010

Any more experienced brewers than my self please give me your thoughts. Thanks

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Feb 2011
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The answer is probably in there somewhere but I cannot find it.
Is it necessary or recommended to rack this one to secondary before going to bottling?
Brewed 6 days ago and it has gone from 1.054 to 1.008. Quite a bit of trub came over from the kettle to the FV.

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Plenty of threads re: whether to secondary or not. The one that includes 'Palmer' and 'Zainasheff' in the title is kinda the uberthread. It's worth a read if you're on the fence. Perhaps the main argument for using a secondary is that it helps the beer clerar, which isn't something you should be too concerned with here.

My recommendation would be to hold it in the primary for another week or two and then rack straight to your bottling bucket.

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Feb 2011
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As you mention there are many threads and much discussion on the merits of secondary use. Just notice many of the posters on this thread seem to be advocating secondary for this particular beer. My thinking was to leave it 2 or 3 weeks in the primary and then bottle.

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Jul 2009
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After reading this entire thread, taking notes and working out a recipe here is what I ended up brewing last weekend:

6lbs Two-Row
4lbs White Wheat Malt
1lb Flaked Oats
1lb Flaked Wheat
0.75 ounces Hallertau Hops 60 minutes
0.50 ounces coriander light crushed in a coffee grinder 10 minutes
2.50 ounces fresh orange zest 5 minutes
1.00 ounce dried sweet orange peel 5 minutes
4 tablespoons corn starch 3 minutes (made small slurry with cold water)

Mashed at 157 degrees for 45 minutes. effeciency was low, 55% or so.
1200ml starter of WLP001 on stir-plate.
1 minute pure oxygen
OG 1.042

Could not find valencia oranges or dried valencia peel, i used whatever the grocery store had (sunkist).

This is the 4th time I've brewed a Blue Moon Clone, a few of the others were a AHS kit (extract and partial mash). They turned out good but always come with belgian yeast instead of chico, which made them taste more like a traditional wit. I also used 1.5oz coriander once, way too much. I find that the citrus flavor gets scrubbed out during primary so i may add a few cups of orange juice at kegging.
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Old 01-14-2013, 12:25 AM   #709
Jun 2011
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This was my first attempt at a "Blue Moon" clone. I tried to follow the OP's recipe but ended up using what I had on hand. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Blue Moon
5.0 Gallon Recipe

4.00 lbs. Pale Malt(2-row)
4.00 lbs. Wheat Malt
1.2 lbs. Flaked Oats

21 grams Centennial Pellet (11.6AA) 60 min

34 grams Ground Coriander 10 Min.
13 grams Orange Peel (Penzeys) 5 Min.

Wyeast British Ale II #1335 yeast cake from a Pale Ale

Protein rest 30min @ 122
Saccrification 60min @ 153

1.046 gravity
66% efficiency

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Old 01-14-2013, 09:57 PM   #710
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Gonna be making this up today hopefully.

I was going for the #6 recipe since that has the most votes.

I didnt realize when i got the ingredients that you boiled the oats, so they got thrown into my bag of grains when i got them from the LHBS...

Gonna follow everything else ingredient wise for #6, just do the oats in the mash like in #1. Hopefully it comes out good, how long does it take for this to get to its prime? As a wheat beer i cant imagine more than a few weeks?

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