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God Emporer BillyBrew
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Sep 2005
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Originally Posted by Janx
almost everyone around here grows marijuana .
In Humboldt County? You've got to be kidding!

Seriously, Janx that sucks. The way the legal system works is definitely frustrating. People who come into your house and take your stuff are scum of the earth!

I've had it happen and we knew exactly who did it, everyone did, but nothing happened to them. One of them ended up killing a guy for no good reason a couple of years later.
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Jan 2006
las vegas, nv
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You never know what might happen. When I was a kid, our house got robbed, and the cops told my parents we'd probably never see our stuff again. A few weeks later, I was telling some kids in the neighborhood what happened, and it turned out one of the kids saw the scum taking our stuff out the front door! After a trip to the police station, the kid I.D'd the guys and they were arrested a short time after. Still never saw our stuff again, but at least they got punished for what they did!

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Lounge Lizard
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Nov 2005
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Bummer. That's a bummer... Maybe I should have left that line for The Dude?

It is a freakin' bummer, though.

Sorry to hear what happened.

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One word: Rottweiler!
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DeRoux's Broux
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Nov 2004
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sorry to here it Janx. maybe you'll catch a break and they'll snatch the scum that got your stuff. not a good feeling.
DeRoux's Broux

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Beer Snob
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Dec 2005
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Janx, you have not mentioned yet so I'm guessing the answer is no. Do you have insurance on the place yet? My SWMBO would not leave a fork here without insurance first.

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Oct 2005
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I have a sh*t load of brewing buckets I will sell ya cheap. If ya need them to get started again. Ya didnt lose any brewing stuff did ya? Time to think about booby traps. You know....fish hooks under window sills and door ways, nail boards below windows. Fishing line from the door to a noise maker of sorts. Low tech- high impact. Its hard to steal stuff when your fingers or feet are bleeding.
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Oct 2005
columbia, MO
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My house got robbed recently by what turned out to be a twelve year old kid. He robbed sixteen houses in my area, which is mostly grad students from Stevens College. I never saw my stuff, but it wasn't that satisfying to find out it was a twelve year old. Had it been an adult I'd want him to go to prison for a long time, but this kid probably needs some help so he won't end up there for some more horrible reason. He probably won't get that help, which is the sad part.

It seems like meth is destroying almost every part of the United Sates, and that's sad too.
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Baron von BeeGee
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I hate a-holes like that. Hope some measure of justice is served, but my experience is these things usually don't go very far.

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Dec 2004
San Francisco Bay Area
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Insurance - Most everything is supposedly covered under our renter's policy. So, I'm hoping that works out well, but in my experience, insurance companies like cashing checks more than writing them. So, we'll see.

Brew stuff - no brew stuff taken. Just most of the tools I needed to finish building my house. Stealing tools is damn low.

Meth - It's the worst thing in the world. The scourge of the rural world. I'm pretty much in favor of legalizing all drugs because I don't see this "War on Drugs" going anywhere positive. But meth...I'd almost make an exception...but then I realize that it's illegal now and look at all the good that does. It's just horrible stuff. It destroys people and it does it fast.

Justice - Yeah I'm not holding my breath that I'll get anything back or that they'll get busted, but I'm ready and willing to do whatever I can to make that happen.

Thanks for the kind words, all. Cheers
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