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Apr 2008
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Initial recipe here

So its been a little over a week and I decided that I wanted to switch over to a secondary... Hey its my first time and I wanted to see the whole experience.

Some observations and questions are as follows:

1. WOW, I would never have thought that so much yeast ended up in the bottom of my bucket. The whole bottom was covered in almost an inch of yeast... I guess its normal but far from what I would have expected... Amazing!

2. Gravity check today was at 1.021 plus or minus a tiny bit. (Im still learning how to read my hydrometer. Im expecting it to go lower in the secondary, which I plan on letting it sit two weeks.

Is this enough? 2 weeks in the secondary, or should I go solely by FG?

3. The taste - My wife (who was skeptical about this whole beer making thing, said it was quite good) Personal opinion is that it tastes a bit watery by overal similar to a nut brown ale. TASTY!

4. The smell is amazing, fresh and hoppy (I finally know what that actually means)

5. Color is almost like a dark nut brown ale, even thought this qualifies as a bitter.

Any comments and recommendations for the next two weeks would be greatly appreciated.

OVERALL, Im amazingly suprised by my first ever attempt at bear making.

next weekend Im putting together a honey chamomile hefeweisen!



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I do think that you should have waited a bit before moving to your secondary. Your gravity is high so I hope you have enough yeast to finish the beer. You need to remember that the 1-2-3- method is a guide and not to be taken as a hard rule. This is one of the first lessons we learn as we continue to brew.

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It was a little early for a nut brown but it should be fine. I would leave it in 2ndary for atleast 2 weeks and then read you FG and compare to recipe. Rule....3 days at same gravity means fermentation is done! If that 3 days comes earlier than 2 weeks you might have killed some of the fermentation process...but DWRHAHB! It'll all work out and it's all a learning experience. No matter what it's still YOUR beer and YOU"LL like it!

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Don't worry about the thin/watery taste. Until the beer gets some CO2 in it adn has time to "grow", you won't get the full flavor.

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I wouldn't worry too much... You probably moved the beer a little early, but as they say... RDWHAHB...

+1 for taking your hydrometer reading for atleast 4 days before going to secondary... Once you get the same reading for 2-3 days in a row, its time to move, regardless of the reading.

Also, welcome to Homebrew Talk!! This place has been a huge source of information and guidance for me as a fairly new brewer...
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Apr 2008
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Now Im a bit worried. SHould I consider tossing some yeast into the secondary, if I racked into it a bit too early? Or will there be enough yeast in there to get the job completed?



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Should be enough, if you see anything on the bottom of your secondary that's yeast and you should be fine. The secondary is not a fermenting vessel though, it is a clearing tank, so you should always wait until your fermentation is complete before transfering. Doing so too early defeats the purpose of a secondary.

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