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Originally Posted by AnOldUR

Not to hi-jack the thread, but the OP may be interested too. Is their significant difference in Maris Otter. I have bought the Crisp from Midwest in smaller quantities, but have a Barley Crusher on the way and now want to buy in bulk. My LHBS has the Munton & Fison Maris Otter and I could save on shipping. How does it compare or are they all about the same?
IIRC, the Crisp malts are floor malted which provides some subtle nuances.

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This was my first year to get bulk.
2-row Pale

I think next year..

I primarily do Pale and Hefe - IPA when hops get cheaper.
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Originally Posted by bradsul
I can't answer to the comparison between different malts of Maris Otter but I can say that the Muntons english pale malt made with Maris Otter is excellent!
Muntons is the only one I can get at a reasonable price, except for when it is out of stock, then I get a couple of months of substandard beers (but still better than most commercially available beers).


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I like using base malts to get flavor in my beers. That's why like to have and had on hand at some point:

Pilsner (base for ligher German beers)
2-row (base for any ale)
light munich (base for my Alt)
dark munich (base for Doppelbock and Dunkel)
wheat (base for wheat beers)

Unfortunately I don't have all of them at hand at the same time, though I'm working on that.


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I think the posts should include what the malts are used for. These are the most used base malts.

50 and 55 LB sacks:

2 row - base malt - ales.

Pilsner - base malt - pilsners, lagers

Wheat malt - ales and lagers, hefewizen - lighten up body a bit but keep the alcohol and add wheat flavor.

Maris Otter - base malt for english beers and ales.

I also keep Caramel Malts on hand 5 to 35 lbs:


Specialty Malts (flavoring) - 5 to 15 Lbs:

Light chocolate
Carafa II Dehusked
Flaked Corn

Other sugar:

Corn sugar
Rice sugar
Flaked rice
Brown sugar

I would get the ones that I know I am going to brew with first and get other malts over a period of time as it gets expensive.

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I buy 55# sacks of Crisp Maris Otter for my English style beers and Weyermann Continental Pilsner malt for my Lagers. I'll probably also start getting Munich and Vienna in 55# sacks as I go through alot of those as well when brewing amber lagers.


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I buy 55 pounders of:

Maris Otter
American 2-row
Munich 10L
German Pils

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Originally Posted by BierMuncher
Bear in mind that Pilsner malt need to be boiled for 90 minutes to reduce DMS.
Can you provide a link that explains this? I'd like to learn more about DMS in Pilsner malt.

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For American 2-row I prefer Briess, never had much luck with Great Western which seems to have a lot of sticks and stems. I do use it occasionally if it's cheaper though.
For pilsner malt I prefer Dingeman's (Belgian) which seems to give more of a golden color than the german pilsners I've used. It is usually more expensive but worth it to me.
For porters, old ales and english style ales in general both Munton's and Hugh Baird maris otter are great.

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when you guys buy bulk, do you have the LHBS order it, or do you order it online? and what do you guys store it in? i'm trying to figure out if i can justify a mill and a scale.
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