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Oct 2007
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i planted some rhizomes last year they are growning back, but the names of them are gone. I do not have anything written anywhere, so how do I know which hops are which?

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Oh wow.

I put a diagram in my brewing journal in case of just such a thing!

Nothing to do , but dig them up and start over. Just send the rhizomes to me to dispose of.....

I guess just do a monster IIPA or 2 each harvest time! You may be able to buy a sample of each (you DO remember which varieties you have , right?) make a cup of hop tea (label the cups!) and play the matching game. Good Luck!
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Depending on the varieties, you might be able to compare pictures of cones and leaves with pics on the web (I tried this last year when the supplier sent me mislabelled rhizomes, with limited success.

Also, depending on the varieties, you might be able to tell by the smell/taste at harvest.
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That's why I planted mine in alphabetical order. Maybe if people see any differences between the young shoots of different varieties they could post them to help out. Or if you could comment on any differences you can see in yours maybe someone can help. I gave Zoebisch a couple rhizomes I dug up. I had my niece helping and I labelled the rhizomes, but later, it was nagging me that I put the wrong name on one. Well, my shoots came up and Liberty has a fairly vibrant purple color on the stem, while the suspect Sterling did not. The rhizome I gave him has sprouted and the report is purple, so Liberty it is.
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balto charlie
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here's link that should help
I have one that is 4-5 years old that I don't know the name. I hope to ID this as well this year. The worse scenario is to use as a dry hop if you like the smell.
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I had the same thing happen to me. Fortunately one was Cascade and the other Willamette so the size and shape of the cones was helpfull as was the smell when drying them.


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Originally Posted by pjj2ba
That's why I planted mine in alphabetical order.

: When I make teas / coffees for people I always order the cups in alphabetical order of their names! ...we used to take turns at my old work to make the tea - about 9 of us

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Do you have a couple of guesses as to what it could be?

If so pick up an ounce of each. Then just boil them in water to create a tea and see which one is the closest match to the one you have. As far as I know there isn't a simple method for determining the IBU. There is a little more detailed discussion about this in the most recent issue of Brew Your Own Magzine.

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If you're looking for a way to determine the IBU's of your home grown hops, you should read this -

It explains in detail how to use a sugar water titration to determine it.



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