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Oct 2007
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So I'm an extract brewer who is wanting to upgrade his equipment before his next batch.... I'd like to go all out and do all grain, but I may have to settle with partial mashes.

What I need to go all grain:

7.5 or 10 gallon round cooler (I want a round cooler because I plan to fly sparge someday) - Approximate cost - $30 - $60 (for the 7.5 and 10, respectively)

False bottom for MLT - $28-$40 (I could probably start off with a stainless braid, since I will batch sparging, so this cost is optional)

Stainless Kewler Kit (or I can buy the separate parts elsewhere - $45

2 Weld-B-Gone setups for my kegs (still not opened up yet) - $45 x 2 = $90

Propane burner with tank - $80-100

Plus I think I'm going to be moving to Santa Barbara within the next couple of months for school, so I lose the ability to use my in-laws house for my brewing sessions, which means space suddenly becomes a concern. Also, I can't fire up the propane burner indoors.

Low end - $30+28+45+90+80 = $273
High end - $60+40+45+90+100 = $335

Partial mashing might be good for the time being...

Sorry if this thread is pointless, I'm just venting.

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Nov 2007
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To go all grain you only need-

10g Cooler
weldless bulkhead
either stainless braid or some kind of manifold
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Yeah - I think if you are going to go, "all out" your costs discussed are accurate. However, you can brew all-grain with a 5-10g cooler, bulkhead (doesnt need to be SS, and a stainless braid).

This is how I've done my first few AG batches and they've turned out better than any extract batch I ever did previously. Further, even this simple setup gets me 75-80% efficiency.

You can probably get into AG for $50 or so (cooler, bulkhead, braid) if you want. You don't need the other items you stated to brew AG beer although they would be nice...

EDIT: Missed the fact that you don't have a propane burner/tank... I would say you might need that in order to do full-boils, as any other way (stovetop) would be very difficult. Further, if you are doing a full-boil, you'll need someway to cool it also (immersion, etc)... however, if you had those things, you wouldn't need the SS kewler kitz, weldless fittings for your kegs, stainless false bottom, etc. in order to start brewing AG. Eventually those would all be nice, but not absolutely necessary. E.g. you boil mash and sparge water in a normal kettle and dump it in, whirpool and siphon from boil kettle into carboys, use hop bags as opposed to false bottom, etc.
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You dont need a spigot on the mash tun, vinyl tubing through what is already there works well. NO need for spigots on the kegs either just siphon out. You forgot about the chiller that will add some money and you can prolly get a burner for under 40.
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Oct 2007
Santa Barbara
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YIKES!! I forgot about the immersion chiller.

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Originally Posted by Brew Dude
YIKES!! I forgot about the immersion chiller.
I get by just fine without a chiller, I would really like to have one but It's not neccessary. Ice batch works ok.

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Lil' Sparky
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No worse than my problem at the moment. I've got $$ and enough ingredients to make a hundred gallons or so, but I just haven't had any time to brew!!!

Once you get your equipment, you'll be set though. Well, until you need that next little brew thingy.
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Mar 2008
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i'll give ya a couple of orings if it helps

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Nov 2005
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Here is what I think is necessary:

30qt turkey fryer ($60)

If you want the stainless option, add $100. Or you just check the local classifieds/craigslist

Cooler ($30)

This one here is a 7 gal:

misc items to make Dennyís cheap MLT ($10)

another cooler to hold the sparge water. I use one that I also use for camping. So there is no additional cost here.

Large tub for ice bath ($5).

This brings the start-up cost down to $105 and by doing some looking around for deals and used stuff you may actually get significantly below that.

A standard AG batch costs you ~ $20 and a standard extract batch is $40 (Iím speculating here). This means you will break even after just 5 batches.


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Aug 2006
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As far as coolers go look into the Igloo Ice Cubes. They're about $15-20 at walmart for a 60qt cooler.

I'm a broke ass college kid too but I rounded up enough junk to brew all grain. If I can do it you can too!

Happy brewing

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