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Apr 2008
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Actually, it ferments pretty well.
I just hadn't got enough Honey/Sugar in there.
I have since added a strong mixture of Honey, Sugar, Water and a few spices (Nutmeg, Cinnamon, etc), it's now fermenting very well. It's gotten alot stronger,
and the taste is boner-inspiring. The yeast is actually pretty resiliant, I'm surprised it still lives in such a highly alcoholic environment.

Anyway, aside from that, I'm 18, not 19 (must have mis-clicked the year), and this is my second attempt at brewing alcohol. The reason I started in the first place was because I inherited a bunch of brewing equipmen and supplies from my uncle after he died of a brain tumour (he used to brew his own alcohol all the time), I'm not an expert and I never claimed to be, so fvck you if you want to take the piss out of me for the yeast I used.

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whoa slow down there. No one insulted you... we just generally like our members to be of age to drink in their country before we give out advice.

Now the other thing we tend to strive for here is quality to the utmost over quantity. Lucky for you mead is easy given you are patient. My roomate has ~25gallons going right now and it's been sitting there since the 1st of February. And, it's not ready yet either.

Now that said, brew what you like, cheap booze is easier and cheaper to buy than make though. As far as adding sugar to the mead, I'll assume that's table sugar (sucrose). And well it usually doesn't go well in mead(after all honey is mostly a simpler sugar anyways). If you like a sweeter wine may I suggest getting a pack of either White labs or Wyeast sweat mead yeast and a hydrometer, then mixing honey and water for a specific gravity of around 1.120 or so. You'll probably end up with a mead that has a good bit of residual sweetness and in the 13% abv range. With the sweetness it will take off a lot of the "young" taste meads have and you shouldn't have to age it as long. Say ~1month primary, 1-2 secondary and a month or two in the bottle and it should be great.

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A possibility for the stalled fermentation could be from a lack of nutrients needed for fermentation. A pinch of yeast nutrient would probably solve that.
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Originally Posted by Axxx
... so fvck you if you want to take the piss out of me for the yeast I used.
Easy there. I must have missed someone insulting you. I have only read people actually suggesting something better.

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You have to understand, Axxx, that we get a LOT of underage kids that are trying to make cheap hooch under their beds so their mommies don't find it. The way you described your process it sounds like that very scenario. However, one aspect of netiquitte is to lurk on a board before posting, and it doesn't appear that you did that. I can say that I've never told anyone here to 'fvck off' for anything, and trust me, I'm one of the biggest jerks an the boards! Ask anyone!

People have given you a lot of very good advice on how to get your mead going again. And if the jar of honey you added to two gallons of water was only about 1 kg, that won't make a very strong product and will be very weak. Most meads take about 2 to 4 lbs of honey per gallon, and takes about a year to start tasting really good.
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

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