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I'm tackling my first all grain this weekend

Question: I think I still need something for aeration of the wort for fermentation. I understand with Extract and Partials adding the extra couple of gallons of water introduces oxygen for the yeast, but an all-grain full-boil doesn't have this attribute.

What is the best way to accomplish this?


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Well, I bought an aquarium aerator to add the oxygen. After putting my wort into the primary, I turn that on for about 20-30 minutes and get a nice foamy head. Some people do the "pour and shake" method. Pouring and splashing the cooled wort into the fermenter and then shaking it seems to be a way for many of us. Some use a shot of pure oxygen with an O2 tank for 30 seconds or so.

I guess the "best" way is whatever works for you. I think that given enough time, all of those methods work well.
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A local machinist who is a fellow homebrewer makes all stainless wine degassers. I was getting rid of bunch of kegs and traded him a keg for one of the degassers. I just used it for the first time Friday, it was amazing. My safale 05 was visibly fermenting within 2 hours. I have found that all grain batches seem to ferment much faster and more complete in comparison to extract batches, perhaps you will observe similar results.

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I'm a "pour and shake" guy. It's nice, as I was born with all the equipment required.

One of these days, I probably will buy more gear for more efficient aeration or oxygenation, but that is still a little further down the list.

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If you ferment in carboys get something like this

If you ferment in a bucket try something like this

I'll have foam to the top of the bucket within 30 seconds.

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Jan 2008
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Just cool the wort in the kettle then drain/pour into the fermenter. By the time you fill it there should be a huge head of foam on top.

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Originally Posted by TexLaw
"pour and shake"
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I ferment in a plastic bucket, so I just cool in the boil kettle and pour thru a strainer. This aerates it fine, and the hops need to be strained out anyway. It'll be all foamy by the time your done.

On the rare occasion when I ferment in my 6 gallon better bottle, I just use a funnel + strainer, and pour REAL CAREFULLY.

If you don't want to pick up the whole boil kettle, you can use a santized pitcher to move it a bit at a time.

You could also auto siphon the cooled wort, but splash it around a bunch(hold the 'out' side of the siphon high off of the bottom of the carboy/bucket).

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Most basic methods:
  • Sanitized wire whisk and a brisk stir in the kettle (or bucket) until it's frothy.
  • Once cooled, simply use your immersion chiller and shake it up and down in the kettle until it's nice and frothy.
  • Rack to a glass carboy and then rock the carboy back and forth (making sure to do this on a carpeted surface) until it is nice and frothy.

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Jan 2005
Oakville, Ontario
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You guys are great. Thanks!

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