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Old 04-24-2008, 02:59 AM   #1
Apr 2008
Humboldt County
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Any one got any strange habits/ or rituals while brewing? Besides drinking a brew from the last batch.

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Old 04-24-2008, 03:00 AM   #2
Yuri_Rage's Avatar
Jul 2006
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I always have a few good beers, smoke a good cigar, and listen to some classic rock.
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...My Junk is Ugly...
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Jan 2007
St. Louis, MO
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Once my beer is on the cool, I usually have a little sumpin-sumpin to remind myself of why I do this:
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Old 04-24-2008, 03:12 AM   #4
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Apr 2007
West Chicago 'Burbs, IL
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Yeah, I used to go to the good beer store and pick out a lineup of new and interesting things to drink that night. Would usually crack one open as the strike water was heating...around brew 3 or 4, realized that this wasn't a good practice.

Now, when I'm on the last 5 minutes of the boil, Whirlfloc in, then I crack the first beer. I look at it now as a reward for my effort, good or bad.

Since I started not drinking, I have had much smoother brew days.

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Old 04-24-2008, 03:32 AM   #5
c.n.budz's Avatar
Feb 2007
Pistol Wavin' New Haven, for now...
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For brewing rituals I usually drink some beers that are of the same style of what I'm brewing, I also do the classic rock thing, and I can't have a successful brewday without sacrificing a virgin on the lid of my MLT
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Old 04-24-2008, 03:43 AM   #6
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Mar 2007
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Always start the brew day with some copperhead road.

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Old 04-24-2008, 03:44 AM   #7
kaptain_karma's Avatar
Nov 2005
San Francisco
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My old brew buddy (anyone remember Rewster?) and I had a sort of ritual. We would drink commercial beer during the beginning of a brew session. Only after the first hop addition would we crack open homebrews.

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Old 04-24-2008, 03:56 AM   #8
dibby33's Avatar
Nov 2006
Hobart, Tasmania
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Crack a brew
Put comedy on tv.
Start sterilising a barrel and the other junk
Crack a brew
Crack a brew
Tidy my workbench of all the crap that has gathered since the last time
Crack a brew
Sweep the floor.
Crack a brew
Get all ingredients in one place
Carry up stairs to kitchen
Brew as fast as possible cleaning as I go
Carry wort down to cellar
Top up with water from garden hose
Put lid on

Crack a brew
Rest and wait until temp reached good for yeast pitching
Crack a brew
Attempt to reach fridge again after maybe a bit too long a *rest*
Crack a brew
Pitch Yeast
Go to bed / ezyboy recliner and sleep.

In the morning it is like Christmas going back to the cellar to see the magic begin. Depending on the number cracked the next before it is like a different place!!!

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Old 04-24-2008, 04:01 AM   #9
Dirty blonde
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Jan 2005
Twin Cities, MN
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Typically fire up HBT and get caught up on stuff here since life seems a bit hectic over the last year. Since I exlusively brew on the weekends and in the morning to avoid the heat is having a hang-over more often than not a ritual ?

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Old 04-24-2008, 12:07 PM   #10
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Dec 2005
Portland, OR, Oregon
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This is more of a habit than a ritual, but I tend to do other brewing 'chores' while the boil is going. Things like racking off a yeast cake like I should have done days ago, get a starter for my next brew session going, etc. One time I did bottling AND a brew session at the same time. That was an interesting day, that is for sure.

EDIT: oop, hit post 2k, time to post in the fi#&(% _nocarrier_
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