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Apr 2013
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Would limeade be able to replace the blueberry/pomegranate juice in order to create a raspberry-lime cider?

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My store did not have the blueberry/pom, so I went with two more cans of apple/ras. Since lactose isnt fermentable, can it be added from the start? I figure that will allow for better mixing and uniform flavor. Any thoughts?

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Originally Posted by Ooompa Loompa
3 gallons Wal Mart Apple Juice
1 can apple/raspberry frozen juice concentrate (Wal Mart brand)
2 cans blueberry/pomegranate frozen juice concentrate (Wal Mart brand)
3/4 gallon of water
1 lb regular granulated table sugar
1 packet Red Star Champagne yeast

Mix all the above ingredients together, put them in a carboy, pitch the yeast, then wait 30 days and bottle. That's really all there is to it.

At bottling:
1/2 lb lactose
4 oz raspberry flavoring (sold at all major brew stores for flavoring beers)
4 oz priming sugar

This turned out soooooo nice. I only bottled it a week ago, so it's only very very lightly carbed, but I had to try one it tastes amazing. The lactose brings a nice sweetness to it, and the raspberry flavoring worked into it beautifully. I would compare this to malt beverages like Mikes, Smirnoff, Zima, ect, except I think it's tons better (and at around 7.5% abv it has a lot more of a kick). With all the ingredients included it only cost around $25 which yeilded me 41 bottles, so it only costs around .65/bottle (vs the previously mentioned malt beverages which cost around $8 for a 6 pack). If you're looking for something that the non beer drinkers will enjoy I would definately give this a shot.
I just bottled my batch of raspberry cider. I let it sit for 30days in fermentation. I was wondering how long did you let it sit in the bottle before you would say it's done?

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