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Apr 2008
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Ok, First off thank god for this website for all the advice i've gotten already. now, does it make a difference if i use green bottles as opposed to brown? I've heard that the green bottles skunk it out a little. is this true? also i am currently using a bottle caper and bottle caps as opposed to the swivel tops or growlers or whatever they're called. what do you guys prefer and why? and finally, what size do you prefer?

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Dec 2007
Auburn, WA
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My beers are mostly bottled in used Deschutes brewery bottles because... Well... I like Deschutes beer so I have ALOT of empty Deschutes bottles. I have some New Belgium bottles and some Sam Adams.... And some that I don't know what the heck they are... They're just bottles.

FWIW... I never recycled anything in my life until I started brewing beer, and now I only recylce re-cappable bottles.

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Nov 2006
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brown cuts out more light and reduces skunking. just store green bottles in the dark and you will have no problem.

pryoff bottles (as opposed to twist tops) are better but having said that I use both (with a bench capper) with no problems.

Size depends on the beer. strong beer = smaller bottles. bigger bottles make the jobs quicker though.

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Jan 2008
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Yes green bottles are more likely to let your beer get skunked because they don't block as many of the harmful light waves as brown bottles do. Having a capper lets you save any bottles you want I'd just stick with that.

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Oct 2007
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I prefer the standard brown, 12 ounce bottles. I wouldn't go for the green or clear bottles because they do not protect against UV which can skunk the beer. I believe it skunks the beer because it reacts with the hop particles/sediment and causes off flavors to occur.

I use regular bottle caps as well and I haven't had any serious issues.

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Mar 2008
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Originally Posted by dibby33
Size depends on the beer. strong beer = smaller bottles. bigger bottles make the jobs quicker though.

Why does strong beer = smaller bottles?

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May 2007
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22 oz browns. Bottling goes sooo much quicker. Course I never really bottle anymore now that my keezer is up and running.....
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Nov 2007
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IMO the best Bottles are Sam Adams, But I have a wide arrangement of Moosehead Bells and other pop offs. Plus I have 4 cases that I bought from the LHBS when I first started.

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Jan 2007
Lexington, Virginia
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Originally Posted by bru-er
Why does strong beer = smaller bottles?
I would imagine its because if the beer is stronger, you don't have to drink as much to get the same alcohol effect. But that's just someone's preference and my opinion on why that might be why they use them.

I use everything but twistoffs. I would use them if I had the proper capper. I just have one of the cappers that looks like it has wings. Can't remember the name now but costs about 12 dollars. I especially like grolsch style bottles. They are just easy to use and easy to clean I think. Also, I've never heard anyone using this type of bottle, but I found some kind of French carbonated fruity-beverage (non-alcoholic) in really tall grolsch style bottles. They are clear but work perfectly if you keep them out of light. I love them.
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Feb 2008
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Originally Posted by bru-er
Why does strong beer = smaller bottles?
That doesn't make sense at all to me. If you beer is ? ABV it will be the same in a 12 oz bottle as it would be in a 22 oz bottle assuming, of course, that you use the same proportional amount of priming solution for each size bottle. Even if you didn't, the difference would be so slight that you wouldn't notice. ABV is exactly that: Alcohol by volume. The size container you use wouldn't matter in the least.

It could be a psychological thing, I suppose. If you have a large bottle in hand you may think that you need to drink it slower thus limiting it's effect by giving you liver a longer period to process it...

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