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Feb 2008
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Do plastic bucket primary fementers need to be kept in the dark?

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Jul 2007
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Not that I'm aware of. Since the plastic bucket primary isn't transparent, you don't have to worry about skunking of the beer via UV light. Now if you were using a glass carboy, or even a plastic one, then you might have to cover it with a blanket. One of the nicest things bout using a plastic bucket primary is getting to leave it at the ambient room temp and not worry about it.

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Feb 2005
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Oct 2005
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It is a good idea to keep it out of direct sunlight. But, that's true of beer in general. I just set my buckets on the kitchen counter in the winter (spring & fall). Summer it's too hot, so they go in the old kegger with active cooling.
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My pails are blurping away right beside my bed. It's the only protected area (dogs and kids) that I know is at a proper temp. All carboys go in the basement.
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Jul 2007
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+1 for keeping it out of direct sunlight, but you don't have to take special precautions like you do with carboys to keep all light away.
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Aug 2007
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Fermenters (buckets or pails) should be kept away from light as much as possible. If you can, put it in a closet or basement and you'll be all set. This'll keep people and pets from frigging with it as well. If you can't put it away then just wrap it in an old towel.

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Mar 2008
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Yeah I would just keep it out of direct sun light and I dont think you would want to put it directly under any light for that matter.
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Feb 2008
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As far as I am concerned, if you can see the where your beer is vs the empty space in the bucket it doesn't have to be "transparent" for the UV rays to get to it. Are you as susceptible to UV rays as your are with a clear glass carboy? Probably not. Don't take the risk. I've had aluminum cans get skunked that have been left outside.

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