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Feb 2006
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Is it possible to over carbonate your beer in the keg?

I force carbonated by 35 psi, shook for a minute or two and let it sit at 35 psi for most the day. Tried the beer in the afternoon and it tasted a little flat still, but not bad, so i figured I would do it again.

This time the beer came out of the picnic tap foamy, so i turned the pressure down to 3 psi to get a nice flow.

Now i have seltzer beer! I turned the co2 off and have been bleeding off the pressure every few minutes..

Is there any going back?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance...

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Dec 2005
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The higher the co2 pressure the more quickly it is absorbed, in addition, shaking the keg increases the surface area of the liquid presented to co2 pressure which also allows it to be absorbed quicker. It sounds like with the combination of the very high pressure and shaking you have over done it a bit.
You can de-carbonate by periodicaly releasing the pressure, this may take a while though.
Next time set your desired pressure and shake, you should hear the co2 rushing in as it is absorbed, when it becomes increasingly difficult to get any more co2 to dissolve, stop and allow the process to continue un assisted.

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Nov 2005
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The overpressurize-and-shake monster claims another victim!

The only time you need to do this procedure is when you neeed carbonated beer RIGHT NOW! Otherwise, simply set your regulator to the final serving pressure (8-15 psi depending on your system and what you like) and let nature take it's course. The beer will fully carbonate over a period of a week or so, and there's no gyrations involved or wasted CO2 by bleeding pressure off.

In your situation now, you have to just keep bleeding off the excess CO2 that's in your beer. Might take quite a while but you'll get there..

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I don't think it overpressured in a day. Whenever I'm carbonating beer and want it to go quickly I've set it at 35 or so and let it sit for a few days before turning it down to the appropriate level. Of course, I'm not a shaker (no religious pun intended) so perhaps your shaking is what's done you in.

If you're concerned, you can just set the reg to the appropriate level of CO2 and bleed the CO2 as often as possible over the next few days and see if it goes where you want it.

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Feb 2006
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Thanks for the replies!

It seems to already be coming around... as i taste, test ...ok Drink beer @ 8:50 a.m...

Back to my coffee...

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You can bring it back down. It's pretty easy to overcarbonate if you do the shake thing. But all of us do it from time to time
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