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use your tree stand to brew with! It's only temporary, but I needed to get my new enormous brew pot off the floor, so I could use my new cfc. Everything went ok, for some reason the wort didn't want to come out of the ball valve. Still trying to figure that out. Btw, I was brewing a AHS Chocolate raspberry stout, for $17 I couldn't resist.

And please don't mind my dirty garage, im ashamed

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No safety strap?

My ball valve does it too. Every once in a while a plug of hop particles gets in there during the boil, and jams it up. I think it helps to purge a little water/wort before adding hops to get the air out of the valve. Sometimes just holding the end of the tube and squeezing it helps. Othertimes I have to (this is gonna sound bad no matter how I say it) suck the wort through. Normally there is still some StarSan in the CFC, and I put the first few ounces in a cup, then put the hose in the carboy.

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I wish my garage was only that dirty...
HB Bill

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i swear when I saw the first pic, it looked like it was strapped to the truck

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Originally Posted by tuckferrorists View Post
i swear when I saw the first pic, it looked like it was strapped to the truck
You and me both

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That's a great idea! I have a post in the middle of my garage I could hook one of those up to. Of course, my garage is a pig stye compared to yours, and I don't really want to brew in there yet. I'm working on it, though.

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Originally Posted by homebrewer_99 View Post
I wish my garage was only that dirty...
Part of my cellar floor is dirt.

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Trick I learned with the CFC is to prime it with starsan, then quickly hook it up to your boil kettle to drain. For some reason if there is a little air in the line it just does not seem to want to flow....
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Bernie Brewer
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Very creative!!!!!

Oh, and your garage isn't dirty at all!
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Yep that garage is not dirty. But you might want to put a seat on that bicycle before you ride it.

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