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Oct 2008
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I dont think that I have made a clear beer yet as I cant keep from drinking it.. I started brewing 10 gallon batches in hops to build up a pipe line but I just started drinking more! Go figure!

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Feb 2009
Modesto, CA
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What I do to kill my haze is Irish Moss in the boil. Then I take my kettle and set it in the sink packed with ice to quick cool to around 80. Then I add to fermenter and top with cool water and usually pitch yeast when temps are near 65-70 range. When I transfer to secondary I add a little gelatin to help. Good news is it doesn't affect taste.

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Apr 2009
Croydon, Pennsylvania
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And if people complain about the chill haze, just tell them they could have a Smirnoff Ice or a Wine Cooler instead...
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Oct 2008
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Originally Posted by sundaybrewingco View Post
And if people complain about the chill haze, just tell them they could have a Smirnoff Ice or a Wine Cooler instead...
Those are pretty hazy drinks...
Happy Brewing

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Mar 2009
Austin, TX
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I tried something new that I assure you will bring your wort down to pitching temps in minutes. The day before you brew you take two gal of filtered water and put .5 gal each into 4 one gal plastic bags, freeze them solid. one brew day cut open the bag and dump one
bag at a time into the hot wort. With 3 bags it should be plenty cool. Mine was cooled to 67F within 3 minutes and almost perfectly topped of at 5 gal.

I bet it works for you too.
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Jan 2009
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My experience has been that my beer gets chill haze immediately upon being cooled. It begins to clear up a little after a week in the fridge, it's pretty clear after two weeks, and crystal clear after three weeks.

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May 2009
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Originally Posted by homebrewer_99 View Post
Ceramic doesn't cure haze, but if you don't see it it won't affect your taste perception...
thats what charlie paps says in his book

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Nov 2007
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Here's the easiest way to get rid of chill haze,but you'll need a fridge to do it.Cool the beer in the secondary to below your regular serving,if you serve it at 40 deg.,chill it to 36 deg. Wait a couple of days for the chill haze to form.Pour in your finings.I use gelatin,it works everytime.Wait for the chill haze to drop out and then bottle,or keg,whichever you use.When you serve it at your regular serving temp...Voila,no chill haze.

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Old 08-24-2009, 11:14 PM   #19
Feb 2009
Roswell, GA
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What is the general consensus about freezing spring water? Seems like a good idea to me, and seems like it would work quickly. Also, you'd be using an "internal" ice bath, so it seems much more efficient. Any downsides, though? Like, the parts that are affected first (i.e., the right-at-boiling-temperature wort), would they be cooled TOO quickly? Is that possible? If this WOULD work, it would really, REALLY simplify the wort cooling process. So, what drawbacks?

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Oct 2008
West Michigan
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Frozen, purified water (or pre-boiled) works fine... but you'll need a new plan when you go to full boils... as most do.

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