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Kwanesum Chinook Illahee
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Originally Posted by wedge421
The pot has a spigot but will that move to slow and risk contamination? Thanks
I'm baffled that only one person reponded to this portion of the OP's question and that was totally skipped over. You have a spigot, use it. No, it's not too slow. Do you think a syphon would move any faster? And as long as you sanitize the inside of your tubing you'll be fine.

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This is my primary method of getting from the Kettle to the fermenter. Good aeration with minimal risk of contanmination.
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Mar 2007
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This is a semi-issue for me too. I figure dumping it right into the carboy with a huge funnel is a good way to aerate-so I don't use the autosiphon. Only problem is that this is the one thing that I seem to need an extra hand to do...especially if I used loose hops that need to be strained out. I dump while someone else holds the funnel/strains the hops. Not a big deal when someone's around, and I could likely pull it off-but the idea of wort spilling from the kettle all over the basement floor is not a pretty one.

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Dec 2006
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I let mine gravity flow out of the spigot in the boil pot into a 5 gal. cornie keg which I fill about 2/3's of the way full. (I'm doing 10 gal batches). My fermenter is in my basement while the rest of my equipment is in the barn. It takes 3 runs with the cornie keg to the basement to haul all 10 gal. I can make more runs with less weight if I needed too.

The flow from the boil kettle thru the spigot then splashing into the cornie, then the sloshing around in the cornie keg as I haul it to the basement helps aerate the wort.

Sounds like you are being far too careful about your sanitation to me. But that's just my opinion.
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Nov 2006
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Originally Posted by Aust1227
Huh? If you have done this, then you have relieved our reliance on fossil fuels!! The economy will boom. The US will remain the only super power for hundreds of years!! Plese explain?!
You can start a siphon between 2 evenly placed vessels and the liquid will equalize the level in each. Of course, once the level is even between the two, you have to pump the autosiphon to continue to move whatever is in your source container.

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Bernie Brewer
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No more lifting for me!

I'm gonna pop the cherry on the new brewing tree tomorrow:

The bottom tier is on a sleeve which makes it liftable with a boat winch:

I like to squeeze the nickle until the buffalo craps-mt rob

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10th-Level Beer Nerd
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Bernie, that's one of the most clever ideas I've seen. Think you could hook some hydraulics up to it and make it ever easier?
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Sep 2007
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+1 for the spigot in the boil kettle.
Soooo easy.

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Jan 2008
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How do you guys keep the spigot free of debris?

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Beer Drenched Executioner
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SWMBO has a collander/spahetti strainer that fits in the top of a fermenting bucket. I put a piece of pantyhose over the strainer, set it in the bucket, and when the wort is cool I just pour. Strains out any gunk thats left at the bottom of the pot and aerates it pretty good at the same time.

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